Tuesday, January 10, 2012

1st 23

It is always fun when people find out we are married, regardless if it’s a friend, a teacher, or just the owner of our favorite restaurant. The shock on their faces is priceless. The next question to follow would always be, How old are you? And then they start to do the math. When, then, did we get married if we’re so young?

We got married when we were 20. Too young, to most. A fellow Intian, who barely spoke two words to me in a year, sent a message on Facebook after our wedding asking, How do you know he’s the one? I remember saying I just know.

Now, two and a half years later—and after four years of being together—I can finally answer that question. I know that he is the one because I could not imagine a person better than him. A lot of people thought he was too good for me, and maybe they are right. But maybe he is God’s gift to me for doing something right, who knows? With no disrespect to the men I know, I simply couldn’t think of a person better than my husband. He is kind, gracious, patient, smart, loving, independent…and have I mention patient? It is not easy being with me, or any woman, for that matter. But I’ve never met a person whose love really does conquer the demon in me. On top of all that, he helps me with house chores—now that’s a real man.

Today is his 23rd birthday, and as I said to him yesterday, I can’t believe that we’ve been together for four years now. But since I have the time to ponder on it, I realized that being with him has actually been the easiest thing I have ever done in my life.

Happy 23rd Birthday,




mohaSHUK@SZstudio said...

Alhamdulillah... we knew it instantly he'll make a good husband when we first met at Rebung, Bangsar. InsyaAllah dipanjangkan usia kelian berdua ya.

Wawan said...

A very good write up. Happy Birthday again dear brother! I pray for your long lasting, happy and blissful marriage with my dear sister :)

mohaSHUK@SZstudio said...

Mana my earlier comment? Kata successful TAPI tak de pun... Anyway, we instantly know that Rassyid would be a good husband for our baby when we first met him at Rebun, Bangsar. We always doa that you both be forever happy and have a great life together.

Syaza said...

owh! baru sedar ade comment! sorry papa!

rassyid said...

thank you papa and wawan. we really appreciate the bless.