Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fool me twice

Only three out of forty five Muslim-majority nations are considered politically free according to the fastidious analysis of Freedom House, an international institution supporting and advocating global freedom. How do we explain such inconsistency with what Islam stands for with this grievous ground level phenomenon?

The answer lies not in the historical root of Islamic Empires of the Caliphates, but further back to the quotidian culture of Arab tribes whose loyalty by blood paves the way for the kinds of human relationship established since.

Fourteen hundred years later, some still experience the numbing distortion and inability to discriminate between Islam and Arab culture. Not all Muslims are Arabs, and not all Arabs are Muslims. Thankfully, the spinning arrow of Illusion has finally come to a halt last January and the fog has cleared to those who dare to dream of upholding the truth on Islamic democracy.

Unequivocally, Islam taught its adherents to respect all leaders as we do elders for their contributions in comparison to ours, mere citizens, are inimitable in grandiose. However, an aspect of this equation that many fail to take into account is that a leader’s contract is functional to his or her services to the state. No where in Islam were we taught to be pathetically complacent when a leader fails to uphold the rights we have as Muslims, and more importantly as humans. In one simple phrase, if they do not provide, we do not abide.

Anarchy has been a term thrown from corner to another to justify the subjugation of a disparate group that threatens to destabilize power and harmony. Human rights violation is condoned in the name of special rights. Dare we still call ourselves Muslims by this low standard we hold? The Gaza flotilla incident on May 31st 2010 was castigated severely by the Muslim world as inhumane while it was rationalized by paranoia of the state in keeping peace and harmony within their boundary. One is supported while the other, the one happening in your own land, is condemned. Ironic or munafik?

Education and sophistication does not come hand in hand as one might predict by the incongruity of both in interpreting analogous events. The trade one has to make in choosing to put social benefits or religion on the back seat is discernible by the words and actions taken as he or she continuously be mentally blinded by earthly Illusions.

In commerce there needs to be an exchange of payment in order to receive better goods or services. Indulgence has to be renounced for a future all can be proud of. If an Illusion is all that one has in going on with reality, doomed shall the person be for Illusion is just a fancy code name for Trickery.