Sunday, April 4, 2010

Civil War on Rights

Paradoxically, as more resources are put into the study of politics as a science, more wars – both conventional and unconventional – are waged upon the many entities in the international system. Ain’t it just funny how people refuse to listen to something they deem as "so simple"?

Fine, politics won't have that much input in the struggle to find the cure to cancer, or even be able to join the race to build more modern structures in other inhospitable regions, but it is just as important as the basis of state governance. So now I have two questions to ask: 1) why are there still a lot of political crisis in this world when countless research has been done and recorded in books and journals? 2) Why do people still raise an eyebrow when they found out there are students interested in studying politics, as if it is a waste of time to find the cure to the wound deeply embedded in a specific country?

The first question is the most interesting to me. Not unlike the science of chemistry, we do have our own sets of formulas and chemicals to be added to create a strong working state. But then, why aren’t there many listening? Yes political science is not part of pure science. It is made complicated by the presence of human beings in the compound of a state. Different individuals, different ethnic groups, different religious sects, different historical backgrounds, and different government composition. A solution in one country may not hold in another. Thus, I do believe that is where the role of a genius and charismatic leader comes in. It is true that in order to be a politician one does not need to hold a degree in the humanities or the social science; one simply needs to be a presence to be reckoned with during times of bad weather by listening to the advices from one’s team of advisers.

I was reading my textbook today and was flabbergasted by how simple and straightforward the answers to many questions are. A + B both cause C, and to eradicate C a government needs to tackle the root of A, which is Z, and for Z to come through X has to be present. Simple, agree?

For me, the beauty of studying political science is that there is definitely no wrong answer. There are better answers, but no bad ones. Unless you’re God, nobody knows exactly the best way to govern a group of people, and yet a leader should not stop trying his best. And in this attempt of figuring out the best mode of action, it should not depend on a person’s gut feeling, but that of many. Please don’t read that as me saying the voice of the people in a democracy should always be the main indicator of a leader’s next move on the chessboard. I, myself, still don’t buy that democracy is the best form of government, but it is not wrong to imitate those who are successful, yes?

Basically, I don’t know why I wrote this post. I guess I’m just frustrated. Life is so simple, why complicate matters?

Oh I know why, because greed for wealth and power is part of politics and that makes it worse, indefinitely.



Anonymous said...

It's true that life is so simple but we tend to make it complicated. It is disappointing to see that little has been done to settle various issues. I guess the order of the world has become overwhelmingly bureaucratic. One has to go through this in order to get that and so forth.

papaSHUK said...

... it comes down to final objective (seldom the right objective). To make EITHER - you happy, them happy, we happy, me happy, majority happy, minority happy - it NOT POSSIBLE to make EVERYBODY "HAPPY". Whatever it is, as Muslim first, Malaysian second, Malay third - WE NEED TO PLEASE ALLAH FIRST, and everything will fall in place beautifully... AND LIFE IS NOT SO SIMPLE, IF IT IS - LIFE WOULD BE A BORE! All those issues are there as a test and for YOU to choose. mohaSHUK latest personal quote: "YOUR CHOICE, YOUR NECK (AND THE NEXT GENERATION's)...MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE"

ChEsZa said...

Aiyo, orang cakap pasal negara. What a country as a whole should do. Haha. True, kalau buat cara betul, everything should be okay. Think of the Prophet, he was a stateman. But we will never find a person as close as the Prophet (pbuh). Realistically, to manage a country is not easy.

But in theory, how to handle minorities, how to design foreign policies, everything's THERE. Sayangnya Malaysian politicians are economists, sasterawans, and whatnots. People who think they know what they're doing.

Think about it, how many political scientists are also politicians? Not many. Because we know the truth is not pretty, and only those people who think they are themselves charismatic are willing to face the music. My advice would be listen to their advisers. That's why Najib is not doing too bad.