Friday, March 26, 2010

My Inspiration

Today I stumbled upon Queen Rania of Jordan's Youtube channel. I've already forgotten how I came to arrive at her channel, but that's not the important issue. The important issues are the debates and discussions that she uploaded. If some of you have already seen her videos, yes, I am one year too late. Again, that's beside the point. The point is, I fell in love today. I fell in love in her attempts and desire to change the world, "One video at a time." I was inspired at how dedicated she is in trying to change people's perspectives on Islam. Although there are some people that I know of that are against a good, solid debate, as the Royal Highness herself said, "Debate is part of the dialogue."

It is no accident that on the day I discovered Queen Rania's channel, I reached a page in the non-fictional novel, Three Cups of Tea, where Syed Abbas, the most important Shia cleric in Pakistan, gave an emotional speech to an audience that included Greg Mortenson - the American who has been building schools for the less fortunate in Pakistan's high region since the 90s - two days after 9/11:

"We share in the sorrow as people weep and suffer in America we inaugurate this school. Those who have committed this evil act against the innocent, the women and children, to create thousands of widows and orphans do not do so in the name of Islam. By the grace of Allah Almighty, may justice be served upon them.

"For this tragedy, I humbly ask Mr. George and Dr. Greg Sahib for their forgiveness. All of you, my brethren: Protect and embrace these two American brothers in our midst. Let no harm come to them. Share all you have to make the mission successful.

"These two Christian men have come halfway across the world to show our Muslim children the light of education...Why have we not be able to bring education to our children on our own? Fathers and parents, I implore you to dedicate your full effort and commitment to see that all your children are educated. Otherwise, they will merely graze like sheep in the field, at the mercy of nature and the world changing so terrifyingly around us.

"I request America to look into our hearts...and see that the great majority of us are not terrorists, but good and simple people. Our land is stricken with poverty because we are without education. But today, another candle of knowledge has been lit. In the name of Allah Almighty, may it light our way out of darkness we find ourselves in." [Mortenson, G. and Relin, D. O. Three Cups of Tea. Page 257.]

What else can I comment except that that speech speaks for itself?

Although discrimination has been on the rise since 9/11, being the optimist that I am, I see it only as the beginning of good things to come. A lot - A LOT - more people are interested in Islam. 9/11 actually opened their eyes to this second largest religion in the world. I am not saying that 9/11 was right to happen, but the tragedy is there for us to learn from. Since the day I decided to expand my knowledge in the realm of Politics three years ago, questions continue to linger in my mind especially on what I'm going to do with a BA in Political Science. And no, I've yet to get an answer. I am not interested in getting my hands dirty with the Politics of Malaysia, and I don't have the persona of a teacher. So here I am, in the lost regarding my future career. But the one thing I am truly sure of is my dedication to my faith. Maybe that will be the path I'm going to pursue?

The question now is, who am I? I am not a perfect Muslim and it might be problematic if others start listening to me. But then again, who is a perfect Muslim? Not to mention the fact that I am just one in an ocean of 1.6 billion others; what impact could I make with such a small voice? But while we are on the topic of ocean, I'd like to quote Mother Teresa: "We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop."

Thus, I am very excited for tomorrow. Tomorrow I will be involved in a workshop called Women In Islam. It will be an opportunity for Pitt students to come and learn more about Islam from us Muslims that are living in America. It is my first time, so I'm hoping to be part of the success this year.

"Say not I have found the truth, but rather I have found a truth." - Khalil Gibran, the third most widely read poet behind Shakespeare and Lao-Tzu.



Anonymous said...

That's great honey. What an inspiration. Tomorrow will be a good day :)

iamaGIRL said...

awesome!! hey babe, i luv reading ur blog.. almost everyday i bace blog u.. i never know u.. but, im happy to say that u can b a gud authr.. penulisan u sgt awesome! :)))

ChEsZa said...

wow, thank u so much iamaGIRL. really cool comment ;) now i'm more motivated than ever to post quality-writings on this blog. will start working on it!

iamaGIRL said...

that's great.. for sure i'l be ur first fan and will follow ur blog everyday.. :)))

mum said...

And remember Your mum is also a fan of your blog....veryday must read one...

BBremedies said...

Great writing, keep it up

papaSHUK said...

me too! me too!... but my english no good one. i read can improve a little bit. You no stop writing, no?

ChEsZa said...

Haha thank you la papa and ibu, walaupun papa mengada la tu kan.

Thanks BBremedies, saw that you're a cancer survivor and that's amazing :)