Monday, February 15, 2010

February 16, 2010 - Pittsburgh, USA

Who says I’m older now?
Voting has simply been allowed
Hope to make a change somehow
Who says I'm older now?

Who says growing old is uncool?
What’s so cool about preschool?
Oops, not trying to be rude
Time is a cruel whirlpool.

Who says 21 holds the key?
Probably the key to less acne
Let’s not be too cocky
We still need our family.

Who says I don’t have friends?
I may be home most weekends
Because friends are not just trends
Truly they are godsends.

Who says I’m moving too fast?
It’s my life so don’t trespass
Honestly life’s been a blast
Who says I’m way too fast?

Who says money is life or death?
Perhaps they've never experienced
The real meaning of a single breath
Who says money is life or death?

Who says we should take our time?
Must we wait for the divine
Before we decide to make that climb
Who says we'll have the time?

Who says I can’t get high?
Definitely not by standing by
Join in, life’s not dry
Who says I can’t get high?

Now I’m finally out of rhyme
This is the end for the meantime
Celebrating with dear husband of mine
Today I shall not whine! :D



Rassyid said...

who says Lailee is fine?
Haha, I just try to make a line.

Happy glorious 21st birthday my dear,
Everything will be better than last year.

Zaim Salimun said...

awww, rassyid's comment is SO CUTE. haha.

yeah syaza, i like your efforts in finding rhythmic verses.

nice poem, :P

Rassyid said...

yes zaim. a very nice poem indeed. lame syaza xtulis poem.