Saturday, February 27, 2010

10 days past 21

Yesterday was interesting. Tiring, sure.

Woke up early, didn't sleep in the afternoon - imagine that and you'll have a pretty clear picture of what's going on in my head.

Had to wake up early to catch those peeps in Nilai. Yup, they've been having a lot of activities since I've been gone :( Oh wells, what a girl to do? Gotta enjoy my own time here, I guess :) Even though it's...weird, me missing all the BBQs, weddings, and vacations to Bagan Lalang, can't stop no one. So anyway, woke up at 6, caught Kak Yong on her BB, continued on the big screen, and stayed till 8.30am, Pitt time, to go to school.

The snow was crazy. Period. Hoping for school to close, but not every little girl's dream come true, does it?

Went for last minute shopping at the Giant, and went back to find a sweet surprise in our mail.

As mentioned, did not have time to rest, had to do what a hostess should do - especially one who is hosting a 'makan-makan' for the first time as a wife. By 3, arms up, feet in the kitchen, cooking - for the first time - nasi tomato (or shall I call it a mere attempt?). Not bad I got to say :D Of course had plenty of splendid assistance from beautiful husband of mine :) Everything did come out as planned, just had to wait for comments from the guests!

Good food, good movies, and amazing company. So what if I didn't sleep for a day? ;)



Rassyid said...

saya cuma menyebuk di dapur tatkala awak sibuk memasak ;p the food was awesome btw. thanks sayang! even though it was Lailee's event, I shall say that you did a good job.

mum said...

So balik nanti u can cook for us all too ok!!

Syazwan said...

Can't wait to taste my dear sister's cooking. Apa lagi, menu kawin aja nanti nasi tomato aja masak la, hehehe.

PapaShuk said... balik nanti Syid pun boleh tolong KakNor di dapur. Itu baru untuk Lailee.. belum Majlis Perkahwinan anak BETUL2 - laaagi letih dan parah! InsyaAllah July nanti, will be lagi awesome. Actually Wawan is throwing a challenge - Wani pun dah pandai masak oooo!!

ChEsZa said...

haha haritu kakak kata aja balik rehat from masak. so............tgk lah! hehe.

Rassyid said...

wah, nanti kak wani dengan syaza boleh masak sama2. kak nor dan ibu jadi supervisor.

ChEsZa said...

suami. anda tidak membantu cuti saya. hehe. :D