Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Them, seriously?

We live in world where society is a friend we did not call nor seek – it is. Society includes our family, friends, neighbors, classmates, bosses, and those people without a home calling your attention every time you pass them. There is, clearly, no escape. We are taught to be social beings for a long time. A Hi here, Bye there, and Thank You most times. But sometimes many don’t realize that being a society is not like being in a relationship: no one is above the other. Instead of figuring out who wears the pants, it is a state of equality – that of us, and them.

I have been a troublemaker all my life. Not really causing trouble, but not exactly living up to the norm acceptable. Is it “life is too short” that they use to say? It is very difficult to try to control everything, which is why I choose not to. In a universe where you can no longer control the weather as much as you can control the mysteries of the heart, every person is a weakling. You think Obama is all that powerful? Ask him to cure Cancer. You think Raja Petra is a genius? Ask him to come back and face the music. Nobody’s powerful enough.

In the same way, I do not waste precious moment to think of the things that are out of my grasp. I can’t make the bus appear whenever I’d like for it to. I can’t make the professors here pronounce my name correctly the first time, every time. And I definitely cannot make everyone loves me. I just can’t. If I do, I will just go against everything I believe in – and have worked for – to please those social beings that never even once bother to ask if my pinkish cheek is hurting me every time I made the effort to meet them.

Shila, my best friend, used to be so concerned when we were in school. She’s the lovable type whereas I’m the kind of girl which is only the cup of tea for a few. Every one falls in love with Shila at first sight, but others need to get past my sarcasm to see my ‘good side’. Once a while a teacher would appear frustrated and Shila would be like, “Syaz, is it my fault?” I was truly annoyed. You lived live the best you can, don’t you? If you knew how to act differently, or in a more socially acceptable manner, you would, wouldn’t you? So why stress yourself over things you can’t control? (Of course Shila’s a lot laid-back now ;)) People will keep on talking. Try being an angel; at the end of the day, this is not heaven, yet. You want reality, this is reality. People are people. They like to talk, and nothing sensationalize a conversation more than your shortcomings, however small they may be! That’s human being for your introductory course! You try your best but you can never win. NEVER.

My philosophy is just living life the way YOU are proud of. Not what they think you SHOULD be, but what you ARE. That way, no matter what bad things people say about you, they can never bring you down because you know this is your life to be lived. I’m not saying go on, try some drugs because they make you happy, no! I’m saying with your sound judgment, you should be PROUD of the way you’ve lived your life. Yes, people make mistakes a lot of time. But the past is there to teach of the future. “Life is too short for you to make all your own mistakes. That is why you learn from others'.” An old quote of that sort by Will Smith has never left the back of my head. Take charge of what you can, laugh off what you can’t.

When the weather’s too cold, my pink cheek makes for a good piggy impression.


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