Saturday, September 12, 2009


We had an interesting day today. Had the luxury to wake up late as it was a Saturday but not too late because we have like tons more reading to do. So anyway, around 12pm we took the bus to Forbes, more specifically to Salim's house. All of us were supposed to gather there and leave together to Mt Washington for our photo shoot of the day. What photo shoot? RAYA! So yeah, it was a relief when Shazwan told us Salim offered a place in his car. Imagine us wearing our baju kurungs and baju melayus in the bus! Well, Rassyid and I did exactly that from our house. :P Anyway, once all have arrived at Salim's house on Forbes, we drove off to Mt Washington, about 20 minutes from Shadyside.

When we arrived, I understand why Shazwan chose that location as it has the most beautiful view of Pittsburgh. Almost all Budaya members were there and we took pictures! Lots and lots of pictures :)

After that Salim sent us home but since we're already in the mood of 'jalan2', we changed our clothes and walked our way to the East Side. We just wanted to browse around a pet shop there.... But we were disappointed to find out that they're sold out of cats! :( Still in our semangat spirit of jalan2, we took the bus to Murray Ave to another pet store. And again, we were disappointed this time that we just missed it for like, 45 minutes since it's been close. Looking at the schedule thinking we have some time to kill, we walk around Squirrel Hill where the many Asian restaurants are located. Dugaan... When we were finally tired, we decided to just wait at the Bus Stop nearby.

While waiting....guess who we meet? CLAIRE! I know Claire's in Pittsburgh, obviously, and we did semi-plan to meet up one day. But of all the time and places, we met in Squirrel Hill. I was talking to Rassyid when an Asian girl stopped and turned, and asked, "Is that you Syaza?" My God Claire looks different. She looked pretty :) So we talked awhile and not long after our bus arrived.

But we did not get the chance to relax as we have to get out again after we've done our Asr prayers! Where to next? William Pitt Union, where the Muslim Society Association was holding an Iftar, especially to promote Ramadhan to Non-Muslims. It was nice to meet all the other Muslims in the Pitt community and learn of the different culture practiced during Ramadhan in their home-country. And Rassyid was happy to get a free copy of an English translation of the Holy Book.

It was funny that we being the firsts to leave, were the last to get a ride home. We were as usual, waiting for our bus of 71A in front of Union but since it's Saturday night, the bus is less reliable (which we found out later by Kak Yati). While waiting, there's this man sitting next to us and he turned his radio's volume way up and it was fun when he started dancing to Thriller. He wanted all of us to join him but it was too cold... All those American spontaneity that I saw in movies are real!

Anyway, after waiting for almost 40 minutes, Kak Yati and Salim came to our rescue and offered to take us home - just when our bus arrived! But of course we'd rather them send us by car. So here I am, tired, but nonetheless happy with the day :)


p/s: For more pictures, go to my flickr... :)


Rassyid said...

haha. why didn't u join the uncle dancing? huh..thanks to salims... :)

Imran said...

happy raya syaza and rassyid! :)

mum said...

Why so early dah celebrate raya???But you look good in your baju raya

Halini_Hamzah said...

cant wait ha 2 clbrate raye?btw, nice both of u..sweet lahh.great background too. btw, i heard bout G20 kat sbut psl pittsburgh. trus ingt syaza dsana.grab lahh the chances k!