Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Meow in Jersey

Wee! Tomorrow my day will end in the afternoon! On Thursday I usually have a Politics class at 4 pm, but tomorrow, since it's the first day of the G20 Summit, classes starting from 4 will be canceled because they're afraid if there will not be enough buses to take students home and they're concern over the students' safety since there is a big probability that protests are going to be held, starting from tomorrow. The situation is kinda scary right now, with notices around campus reminding us to bring our ID at all times during this time. Plus police officers in a uniform of green t-shirts have been seen around campus with some on bicycles. Pitt shuttles are seen more on campus to help student get home, etc. In fact, for tomorrow, my Literature class will also end early for all classes held at the Cathedral of Learning MUST end by 12 pm. So yeah, just giving a an idea of how it is right now. The atmosphere is one of excitement, but the thought of going to the wrong place at the wrong time is just at the back of my mind.

Now just some pictures :D

Yes! Lailee is part of the PITT family too!



elly said...

super cute ok! insurance dia mahal tak though? i wanna get a pet too but i'm just worried that i won't be able to feed myself later on.

Halini_Hamzah said...
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ChEsZa said...

Insurance is not that bad. Average like $9 per month, so ok la. But we haven't got the isurance for her yet. The expensive part I think would be keeping her happy. Like for Lailee we got her two toys. And then for drinks, we bought online this thing that keeps her drinking water flow. Food is not that expensive. Maybe vet? We need to take her to the vet next weekend, and then every year, of course. So that's it.

Rassyid said...

fish dun need insurance. u can have them elly.

lailee loves Syaza so much. Manja lak tu.

mohaSHUK said...

I got Libby, Cool, Juku, MJ, Demuk, Lanun... NO INSURANCE REQUIRE... so cute and so manja some more .. and no Vet appointment for next 3 years. Don jeles yes Ja Rassyid. I GOT 6. some more got ikan & kura kura. All these animals for my daily THERAPHY you know or not? STRESS RELIEF THERAPHY... Ask those PSYCHOLOGY major students. OK Bye... don't go wandering unnecessarily, nanti kena water cannon and tahan under ISA. Salam

elly said...


ye betul, don't be at the wrong place at the wrong time okay mr and mrs? okay.

she's so cuuuuuuutttttttttteeeeeeeee wuaaarrrrghhhhhhhhhhhh and so hitammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm okay i gerammmmmmmmm summore you ckp dia very manjaaaaaaaaaaaa! i've yet to see a pet cat hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee huaaaarrrghhhhhhhh!


rassyid ada two sexy girls woi. fistbump brader.

mum said...

ok la to have that cute little thing in your
house....oh lailee you re so lucky ....

ChEsZa said...

At least kan pa, Lailee xde kurap, xberlendir... haha jahat la pulak rasa. Ja masih sayang kucing2 di rumah ye, esp cool! Nk tau insurance die utk ape? Kalau mati boleh pilih nk cremate atau bury, diorg uruskan, $100 mcm tu. Kat malaysia gak senang. Mane ade tanah, tanammmm.

Oh lagi nk add. Lailee ni gedik. Die suke main dripping water. Yes, DRIPPING WATER KAT BATHTUB. Pelik.

Er, about jalan mane2, sile baca post baru.