Monday, September 28, 2009

G20 Summit Simulation

Alright this may seem like a 'shocker' to some Intians but Rassyid and I participated in a G20 Simulation today. It's not that we have anything against KLIMUN...well, actually I have one thing against it. That it was held during the holidays. Yup, I'm that kind of person. Holiday means holiday. Period. So anyway, this simulation is a very simplified version. Plus, the G20 itself is made up of 19 countries + the EU, and each country sends in 2 delegates (in this simulation) so there were not many people. It kind of put more pressure on each delegate to speak up.

We represented Turkey. At first we chose Saudi Arabia but supposedly there were already delegates assigned for the country. But then today, delegates for Saudi did not show up. And so did delegates for the United States. What an irony.

And I made a new friend there. Her name is Sarah. She's from Saudi.




Anonymous said...

hehe..rasenye dah xjadi G20 dah..tolak le beberape org xdtg..n then plus S&R yg represented Turkey kat ctu..(^_*)

But btw, no one is certain whether the world economy will recover on a firm footing rite..SURE sure punyer not everyone came away entirely happy.....
hohoho but U look happy..dgn Sarah tu u look soooo look alike~~


ChEsZa said...

slh sape???