Friday, August 28, 2009


Hello All!

It is my pleasure to announce that I have finally really settle down here in Pittsburgh :) How so? We finally have our own internet connection! Wee! Now we can finally BREATHE and LIVE! ...Sorry for being a bit over-dramatic, just feels so long!

Anyhow, the title is NEW because...well, together with this new life, we have our own new 'things'!

First of, is the new apartment. I bet based on Ellys' "The apartment is fab!" story, compared ours to hers, ours is a bit.....not on the fab side. But I'm really loving it. Yes, if you want the see the bad side, there are many: It's an old townhouse, the interior is older with lead paint, it's quite a distance from our school, and by 9 almost all the shops are close. But being me, I like to see the good side of things :) The rent is quite cheap. Although it is quite small, only the two of us are living here, so relative to the number of tenants, this is quite okay in size. It may be a bit far from school but once we got our Student ID bus fare will be free and by bus, our school is only 10 minutes away. The other perk? The bus stop is right in front of our house! Our house is near the intersection of Negley and Center, and Negley and Baum, so it's really not a problem for us to go ANYWHERE. There are many grocery stores around. This is more of a family neighborhood so it's quite convenient for us. Maybe the only thing that's on the downside on my list is that we're close to the hospital so every night, without fail yet, ambulances will pass through our street, with sirens blaring. But the way I see it, it reminds me of my house in Permata :)

The other NEW item is my brand new phone. But I'm not telling what phone I bought. I'm gonna surprise my family next year :)

OK, that's it for now. Till then, later!



Rassyid said...

there are many other new things la syaz. hehe..

elly said...

blackberry or iphone ni syaz? :)))

sulin said...

wow sounds good! cun!

ChEsZa said...

wow smells, u'r good! not telling still...