Monday, July 20, 2009


(Khas untuk miemie ku yg xde mukebuku)

...OK I just realized that the title could mean something...else. But no, OK! It's about the one that quite a few of u attended! Thank u so much you guys! Especially to those who were willing to go all out and bought new dresses or dug up old ones just to wear red I requested =')

Anyway, yes, finally my dream did come true yesterday to have a Britney-inspired wedding... Her wedding, not her marriage. I wanted to wear white while my girls wear red, and have a garden wedding. And for making those dreams became reality, I want to thank my friends and especially my parents. When my dad told us we were moving to Nilai I did not like the idea very much. To 'pujuk' me, my mum promised a garden wedding for me now that we have enough space. And she kept to her promise :)

What else do I want to say? Oh yeah.

Thank you to Rassyid who is willing to become my partner, lover, and husband, for life, InsyAllah. I promise to myself and to him that this will be a partnership, not just a 'marriage' with roles and 'protocols'. We succeeded coming through with this wedding despite all the obstacles; therefore we definitely can do this marriage our way too. If he want to eat, I'll cook if he cuts the veggie. If he wants to live in a tidy home, I'll vacuum if he mops the floor. If he wants to shop, I'll choose and he pays. I don't want to be in a relationship where a wife is expected to clean and cook while the husband handles financially. I envisioned a partnership where we'll go through everything together, and find peace with each other. Amin.

Alhamdulillah we came this far... God does listen to my prayers :)


p/s: I have not downloaded pictures from my dad's camera so I have none right now! :(


a.t.i.k.a said...

"If he want to eat, I'll cook if he cuts the veggie. If he wants to live in a tidy home, I'll vacuum if he mops the floor. If he wants to shop, I'll choose and he pays."

syaza.... sgt suka this part. hahaha
semoga berbahagia. suka tgk both of u be together.. sweeett. excited lak nak kawen.. hehhehehe


elly said...

alhamdulillah ya. moga2 both of you start makan sayur sekarang. very happy to see that you've inserted 'veggie' in your post.

btw, oh la...britney's wedding had the same color theme ke?? i didn't know that loh.

PS: i keep watching a recording of the nikah! at the end after rassyid selesai cakap, there's this big laugh. but you tak laugh. you cukup composed!

Diana said...

haha didn't notice the 'veggie' part!!!

yaaaa kan sejak bila u guys makan sayur?

ChEsZa said...

hahaha memula pun i mcm, nk tulis ke x veggie, but what else would he help me cut? but still, veggie means like onion n potatoes, not the green stuff goats eat.....

atika, betul lah semua itu, statement semata2 :D

sulin said...

Congrats! =D

syazana said...

pics pls!!=)

sy tidak punya mukabuku.hoh ho

syazana said...

super awesome!!thx jie jie.

segak sungguh.nak kawen jugak.hah ha.

wishing u both all the best..get babiessss asap kay.i wanna b auntie.heh he.=p

pak rashhid: bertuah kamu tahu punya of her.rajen2 bwk la syaza dtg purdue.=)

'naz' said...

ko tak suke mkn sayur hijau? mkn sayur hijau tu kambing? ya allah same owh ngan aku! ingt aku sorg je rasa cmtu. nice to know that there other ppl of this kind LOL

AntI meDicInE ceNteR said...

im so sad coz x dapat g majlis korg..
congrats lols..
jage rasyid bek2 k..
panjang umur kiter jumper ag...

AntI meDicInE ceNteR said...

askum syaza..hoho maybe u know me or maybe u dont...anyways im rsyid bestfren since primary school huhu..
at last rasyid met his very best decision to marry u..
i think this is the best part between us..
walaupun tak dapat tgk korg time nikah..see the pic is enough to feel the precious..
hoho sorry saye nie x bape nak reti cakap omputih hehe..
anyways saye nak ucap slamat jalan..
jgn lupe saye ok..
take care rasyid ok.. i dont have other good,best friends like him..
ask him to comb his hair coz if u want to know rasyid too lazy nak sikat rambut..
juz make with his finger only huhu..
kalo adew prob with him and want some opinion juzt msg me ok..
tp jgn gaduh2 la ok..
jgn selalu merajuk sebab rasyid tu x reti nak pujuk hehe..
anyways...selamat jalan n take care ur hubby k..make the best in ur study..and one more...

kemsalamkan gurl kat us tu k haha...k la last word syaza and rasyid long life and hope u all happy together..i wait u all..