Monday, July 20, 2009


(Khas untuk miemie ku yg xde mukebuku)

...OK I just realized that the title could mean something...else. But no, OK! It's about the one that quite a few of u attended! Thank u so much you guys! Especially to those who were willing to go all out and bought new dresses or dug up old ones just to wear red I requested =')

Anyway, yes, finally my dream did come true yesterday to have a Britney-inspired wedding... Her wedding, not her marriage. I wanted to wear white while my girls wear red, and have a garden wedding. And for making those dreams became reality, I want to thank my friends and especially my parents. When my dad told us we were moving to Nilai I did not like the idea very much. To 'pujuk' me, my mum promised a garden wedding for me now that we have enough space. And she kept to her promise :)

What else do I want to say? Oh yeah.

Thank you to Rassyid who is willing to become my partner, lover, and husband, for life, InsyAllah. I promise to myself and to him that this will be a partnership, not just a 'marriage' with roles and 'protocols'. We succeeded coming through with this wedding despite all the obstacles; therefore we definitely can do this marriage our way too. If he want to eat, I'll cook if he cuts the veggie. If he wants to live in a tidy home, I'll vacuum if he mops the floor. If he wants to shop, I'll choose and he pays. I don't want to be in a relationship where a wife is expected to clean and cook while the husband handles financially. I envisioned a partnership where we'll go through everything together, and find peace with each other. Amin.

Alhamdulillah we came this far... God does listen to my prayers :)


p/s: I have not downloaded pictures from my dad's camera so I have none right now! :(