Friday, June 12, 2009

Pre Umrah

Today I woke up a little after the shout of my mum. Yeah I guess I kind of deserved it since I told her the night before that I'd get out of the house BEFORE eight. Being Syaza, I was bathed, clothed, and ready to leave around 8.30 but my mum asked me to wait so that we'll go out the same time (different cars). So I had breakfast while watching Friends until I was called by my mum upstairs and she said, "If you're ready you can go first." Okay. But amazingly, by the time I wanted to go out she was already ready too. Surprise! ;-) And as I always say, God is All-knowing for it is FATE for me to wake up LATE, because my mum's car had a trouble of its own. So she had to ride with me. See, if I had woken and left early she would be stuck at home...unless she wants to take my Kancil.

First stop, Maybank. Here's one thing I LOVE about Nilai. I remember when I was a little girl, my mum would drag me to the Maybank in Melawati around 8.30 and we would have to wait in LINE until the bank opens at 9. But in Nilai, I walked in around 9.30 and there's no one there! So I asked for the ASB and money order form, had my time filling them both up and took my number. I thought then when I go upstairs for sure there's going to be many people standing up waiting like those people in Melawati...but as soon I arrived on the first floor it was my number! Wee~ Around 10 am off I went to Seremban.

I went to a government department in Seremban, not saying which one. This is my second time there and just like the first visit, I have nothing but complaints toward the place. The first time I went there I was criticizing everything from the lack of 'number' to the none-smiling people at the counters to him and this time, it was my mum who was complaining about the same things. Embarrassing, seriously. Then they cannot do the favor I asked them because the people who were supposed to do it were not in. Okay, fine, I live 30 minutes away. What if someone lives an hour away? How can you afford to tell your client you can't do your job because there ain't enough workforce? That's your problem, not mine. Not to say I'm inconsiderate, yes, I know it's the school holidays, but just because we don't pay you and you got lousy allowance from the government, don't think we're any less important. And that is why, people, I chose to go to a private hospital for my check up after going to THREE public clinics.

After we gave up, I drove my mum and Kak Nor to KL. My mum wanted to stop by her office but since it was lunch hour and Friday has an especially long one, we stopped by the post office in Melawati for me to send some stuffs using Poslaju International. Dang, I think UPS is cheaper. On the way to Permata my mum saw her favorite fruit stall was just starting to put up durians and rambutans on 'display' and she abruptly asked me to stop. Get this, she spent RM100 just on fruits, and was happy when she came back to the car with a free bottled water. 

Then we stopped by my old house in Permata to see the renovation going on by the new owner. Well, okay I got the admit they had nice new door but for me that's as far as my compliment go. First of all, I really DON'T understand people who can't appreciate greenery. Especially in a residential area where you barely have enough dirt for one small flower, that house used to have a...I'm not sure of the word, but almost like a CANOPY of greenery, the work of my father. And they cut all of them down. Yes, real 'creative'. But the worse part is they painted the house ORANGE, when my neighbors' houses are white! I really don't, and never will, understand these types of family. If you want to stand out so much, go buy your own land and built your dream house however you want. If you bought a house in a residential area where the houses are identical, THERE IS A REASON. Don't be too creative, please, it's an eyesore. And you look cheap, serious, however expensive the paint may cost.

Then went to Giant for grocery.

After that I finally drove my mum to her office right in the middle of KL. Since it was getting late she called her PA to come down and get the chocolates my mum wanted her to distribute to her office mates. Around 3.30 I started driving our way back home, honestly, with my eyes half closed. But, oh well, alhamdulillah we made it. :)



Rassyid said...

*sigh* alhamdulillah... it's scary when you wrote your eyes were half closed while driving back home.

you did complain to me how you hate people who renovate their houses excessively. I guess they might reply "mine your own business" =p they think it is creative maybe.

lastly, i wish i were there at your house to eat the fruits your mum bought.

p/s. selamat menunaikan ibadah umrah =)

ChEsZa said...

it is my business if i have to see the house everyday till it hurts my eye!

trimas trimas.

elly said...

syaza nanti report how mekah looks like now ok! and jangan kena gigit nyamuk, seriouslyyyy you can't afford to be sakit at all.