Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Thank You...

Oh my. In one night... no, in less than two hours, I read two different things written for and to me that touched me so so deep that I wonder what had I done to be blessed so much by God =’) One was written by Sofiya in her blog, and another is a message on Facebook by my long-lost friend, Hani Nadrah. Yup, long AND lost.

Thing is, I realized there are many similarities in what they wrote. Well, I guess that is supposed to happen when these two ARE writing on the same person, no?

The thing that struck me most was how almost-similar the way they were saying about my strength especially in going for what I believe in. I was smiling and crying at the same time. I know all these are said following a recent event in my life. I'm not sure how true their words are because truth be told, I came close to giving up a few times. Yes, I almost NOT want to carry on with ‘the plan’. There were just so many obstacles that I was starting to think God is saying something... But then, like what Pia wrote, I switched to the other side of me. The one I’m known for. THE OPTIMIST. Instead, I take it as God trying to see how determined I am in doing what is RIGHT.

Pia and me playing terrorists

But of course, that does not apply to just about that. That concept, that way of me looking at life (as how Pia puts it), goes way back to me deciding whether to take Arabic or not for PMR. Yes, I have always had a clear idea of what I plan to do in life. Short term, long term. And yes, not all of my plans come to life, but as what Jennifer Aniston said in Marley & Me, the ones that are not in the plan are the ones that hold most of the sweet surprises.

I have a lot to thank my parents for. They are the ones who believed in me since day one. Of course there are sometimes discrepancies between us on how and what I should do with my life. But most of the times they leave me alone. Somehow my parents don’t feel the need to check on what universities are ‘good’, and what courses I should take, or any other stuff. They just asked me what I want and if I think it is the best for me and then say, “Good. Just do your best.” I guess that’s where I got the confidence that both Pia and Hani said to have noticed in me.

No introduction

Lastly, I was happy by what Hani said in her final paragraph in that very long message. I won’t reveal what she said because some would smirk or roll their eyes, I know. But what she said, is the thing that most of my friends had said too in my note in Facebook on describing myself. Almost everyone had that same thing to say about me. It could be that they’re just playing the fool on me, but being myself, I take it as their doa. Ameen :)

Yes, that ugly girl was me.


p/s: Fay, I know you're reading this and every other post I wrote. I just want you to know that I miss you and please keep in touch, okay. *Hugs and Kisses*

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