Sunday, May 24, 2009

Something I found on the net

"Kita juga mesti mula memperluaskan skop pembelajaran bagi pelajar-pelajar yang ditaja. Terlalu banyak penekanan agar pelajar-pelajar yang cerdik pandai menjadi doktor, jurutera, akauntan dan peguam sedangkan bidang sastera, kemanusiaan, sains sosial, keagamaan dan sains tulen terabai. Bagaimana nak lahirkan pemenang anugerah Nobel? - Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad"

NIK NAZMI NIK AHMAD merupakan Adun Seri Setia, Selangor dan turut menjawat Setiausaha Politik kepada Menteri Besar Selangor serta Exco Angkatan Muda Keadilan Malaysia. Beliau menulis blog di Pandangan ini merupakan pandangan peribadi.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Francis Bacon

"To spend so much time in studies is sloth." - Francis Bacon, 16th Century Philosopher.

I know that as a Muslim, I should not agree with the statement above. It is never 'too much' when it concerns my studies. A good Muslim during the time of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) spend a third of his night sleeping, a third praying, and another third studying. If that is too hard to practice, then the least that is required from us now is to gain as much knowledge possible as if we are going to live forever. So how does that quote applies to me?

I do understand, though, what Sir Francis Bacon meant when he said that. Hey, he was a philosopher, a scientist, and an author; how can he NOT spend too much time studying? I THINK what he meant by that sentence was studies without experiences is a weak scholar's excuse to living. And I think I'm guilty of that.

Believe it or not since he went back to his hometown three weeks ago, I have done nothing more than flipping the channel between Star World and E!. Yes, there are many other factors as of why I am stuck here doing not much. But then I realized...I am nothing when I'm not studying. I just miss it when the school semester starts because then I would have a reason to wake up in the morning. I would have a reason to not leave my room with books surrounding me during weekends. I love the adrenaline rush of finishing an assignment on time. And I do agree that these are symptoms of laziness. I am just too lazy to do anything else... True, knowledge does not only depend on teacher-student interaction in class. I can study at home by reading and watching Discovery... But the drive is not there when there are no deadlines to meet. *sigh*

The good side of it are of course plenty. With discipline and passion, a lot can be achieved. And that is my argument today.

When I was seventeen, I had a boyfriend. Oh, EVERYONE knows about us. We were famous! The top student is dating one of the 'bad boys' at school. He was known among the teachers for reasons way different than mine. And of course you can imagine the things people were saying. But the one thing that I'll remember forever are the different reactions we got from faculty members. Of course at first many of them were against this 'partnership' as they were 'concerned' over my studies. But as the year went on (by form five we've dated a year), some of the teachers, especially those who taught and knew me personally, started to have faith in me. Instead of the saying "you're too young to be in a relationship," some of them started to say "you should spend more time helping *** in his studies too." I was so happy by this time.

I'm not being riak, but I'm just saying that this is me. This is Syaza. As I had mentioned many times before, I had quite a number of down time whilst growing up. And believe it or not my way of coping with this brutal world is by drowning myself in books and books. Even when I first experienced 'freedom', I never fail to put aside time to study. OR, when I was in a relationship my studies were still top priority in my list... It had always been and always will be.

Believe me when I say the more you tell me I can't, the more driven I am to prove you wrong. I've always said to people never say never to my face for part of the purpose of me being on this earth is to accept every challenge thrown my way.

Once, at the start of my form five year, the counselor at my school came into our classroom to give a very boring and repetitive speech telling us to "make a timetable, don't go out, don't socialize, bla bla bla..." the usual stuff. And then before he left the class - oh I remember it till today - he turned, looked my way and said, "And you don't need to be in a relationship right now. It will definitely take your focus away from you studies." You can imagine how fired I was. But I swallowed and took it as a challenge. When I went back to my school months later to get my SPM result, this teacher/counselor did not even look my way, much less congratulate me. My principal asked me to come back a few days later to give a speech to my juniors and I made sure then that I said it loud and clear on the podium, "Almost all of you know me. And you should know how a lot of people have said I won't succeed under certain 'circumstances'. But you know what, I am living proof that the only believe that you need is from yourself and only that. If you think you can do it, then YOU CAN."

Dear PSD people, try stopping me if you dare.


Monday, May 11, 2009


I spent last weekend sitting through the pre-marital class designed specially for Muslims. To my non-Muslim friends, if you guys don't know, we have to take this class before we can apply for wedding licenses here in Malaysia. It's actually a good class, I got to admit. The first few modules were mostly on Islam itself. After that the modules focused more on marriage-related discussion.

And for two days, I don't know why, the Ustazs and Ustazahs giving the lectures love to ask us this question: "When you go out on dates, have you ever heard your partner fart?" And most of them would look down sheepishly and shook their heads in response. All the while I was praying in my heart, "Look my way! Look my way!" because I was nodding fiercely since he certainly had heard me do the deed and he most definitely did too.

The 'lecturers' wanted to stress their point that most people have the wrong impression about marriage. Most think that marriage is a bed of roses and that their partners are the most perfect of human beings ever, only to be disappointed after signing the contract. One even told a story of how her 'senior' neighbor married and divorced a few men and one of the marriages ended because her husband farted during dinner. I mean, like, "Wo!"

I am proud to say that yes he has heard gas coming out of me from the many ways gas can come out from, and laughed heartily about it. Sometimes he would 'reply' himself. Am I disgusting for disclosing this to the public? You be the judge but honestly I don't think so. If you think farting and burping is disgusting, especially in front of your loved ones who are supposed to know you on the inside and outside, then you got a problem for it is only human nature to let something out once it is in. In fact, he has even heard me burp from one floor above. My maid said we were "2 x 5" for both of us burped just as hard.

Yes, marriage is more than just about burping. And I am not saying that we are more ready than the rest that shook their heads embarrassingly when provoked a bit. All I'm saying is, I'm glad I'm not a typical perempuan Melayu terakhir; sometimes, when you act to be one, guys would start put you on a pedestal and from there, many are bound to be disappointed.

That's why I ALWAYS told him to never put me or anyone else on a pedestal. I know I never. By doing so, we are more comfortable and content with each other and are able to accept without having too much expectation on the other. Some might say we are 'liberals' for not being 'shy-shy' as how most Malay couples are. My response is simple: I don't need to justify myself to those who don't know either one of us in the first place.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Thank You...

Oh my. In one night... no, in less than two hours, I read two different things written for and to me that touched me so so deep that I wonder what had I done to be blessed so much by God =’) One was written by Sofiya in her blog, and another is a message on Facebook by my long-lost friend, Hani Nadrah. Yup, long AND lost.

Thing is, I realized there are many similarities in what they wrote. Well, I guess that is supposed to happen when these two ARE writing on the same person, no?

The thing that struck me most was how almost-similar the way they were saying about my strength especially in going for what I believe in. I was smiling and crying at the same time. I know all these are said following a recent event in my life. I'm not sure how true their words are because truth be told, I came close to giving up a few times. Yes, I almost NOT want to carry on with ‘the plan’. There were just so many obstacles that I was starting to think God is saying something... But then, like what Pia wrote, I switched to the other side of me. The one I’m known for. THE OPTIMIST. Instead, I take it as God trying to see how determined I am in doing what is RIGHT.

Pia and me playing terrorists

But of course, that does not apply to just about that. That concept, that way of me looking at life (as how Pia puts it), goes way back to me deciding whether to take Arabic or not for PMR. Yes, I have always had a clear idea of what I plan to do in life. Short term, long term. And yes, not all of my plans come to life, but as what Jennifer Aniston said in Marley & Me, the ones that are not in the plan are the ones that hold most of the sweet surprises.

I have a lot to thank my parents for. They are the ones who believed in me since day one. Of course there are sometimes discrepancies between us on how and what I should do with my life. But most of the times they leave me alone. Somehow my parents don’t feel the need to check on what universities are ‘good’, and what courses I should take, or any other stuff. They just asked me what I want and if I think it is the best for me and then say, “Good. Just do your best.” I guess that’s where I got the confidence that both Pia and Hani said to have noticed in me.

No introduction

Lastly, I was happy by what Hani said in her final paragraph in that very long message. I won’t reveal what she said because some would smirk or roll their eyes, I know. But what she said, is the thing that most of my friends had said too in my note in Facebook on describing myself. Almost everyone had that same thing to say about me. It could be that they’re just playing the fool on me, but being myself, I take it as their doa. Ameen :)

Yes, that ugly girl was me.


p/s: Fay, I know you're reading this and every other post I wrote. I just want you to know that I miss you and please keep in touch, okay. *Hugs and Kisses*