Friday, April 3, 2009

Post April Fool

Yesterday I went to Shah Alam to see Kak Sofwah, a friend of mine. Actually we decided to meet because of some 'unfinished business'. It was nice though to get away from my everyday routine once in a while. I picked her up from her hostel at Seksyen 18 and we went to the kopitiam nearby for drinks while we caught up with each other. Kak Sofwah has known me for more that five years; I had mixed feelings every time she said, "How you've grown," and she said that a lot of times. After talking for about an hour I made my way back to Nilai.

That afternoon I went swimming even though I was a bit tired. I promised Pia to teman her since Thursday's the ladies day. We only swam for less than an hour. There was once when I got out from the pool and saw the guys on the bridge looking at us. I found out later that they were laughing. I want to say childish, but whatever la. Thus, I decided not to go to the MCS thing that night.

Instead we went to play some pool. Eh, no, ELLY went to play pool. I just watched.

Today I watched three movies just now. Recount, Chapter 27, and The Secrets. Recount is about the 2000 US presidential election. Chapter 27 is about Mark David Chapman, the killer of Lennon. The Secrets is about a mother who should have died but came back in her daughter's body to find out a lot of things she didn't know about her daughter. I like the last movie. Why? Because I feel like all parents should watch it to understand that teenagers do not rebel without reason. Some parents don't even try to talk and understand their kids. The movies stresses on how there's more than the shouts and door banging if only parents knew.

Oh well, that's all. Got a history trial meeting tonight. Going back to INTI after only six hours at home. Trial's coming up this Monday. I feel like I won't enjoy it much and the chance for my team to



Rack said... guys..kalau tak asing with others, memang tak sah. Kroni sahaja yang penting, mungkin?

diana said...

a'ah. macam korang. melekat saja yang penting, mungkin?

elly said...

bitter bitter.

on another note,
he'eleh syaza pun main okay.agak aneh tengok syaza fumble with something.thank God though, now i know that she's human! lol.

Anonymous said...

may i ask, do u wear d normal swimsuit or d overall special swimsuit? i noticed u r wearin a scarf... presume u r a muslim, so which type of swimsuit do u wear?

beb mentoot said...

we wear the burqini.

the whole thing.

ChEsZa said...

Hahahahahahaha I sumpah was considering to delete that first comment but when i think back... i did nothing wrong, and i'm certainly not a child. That noight, I had a choice. For ur info, dear rack yg bernama sungguh melayu, we DID pay the rm7 for the night. if u'r wondering what's the importance of me mentioning that, it shows that i WANTED to go in the first place. if u hv only read my post thoroughly u'll see that my actions are a consequence of some other people's. it is not a matter or cronyism. it is a matter of those who are disrespectful to the interest of others. if u cant respect even the diversity ur own bangsa, how do u plan to join with others with a different skin tone than urs? i'm not one to tell, but if only u know how many of those who went feel like they HAVE to, not because they WANT to. the reason is simple: most malay girls do not feel part of ur gang, or kroni as u called it. don't be fooled dear rack. at least my kroni are not hypocrites.

syaza farhana mohamad shukri

Rassyid said...

to rack: bkn nk msk menyebuk juz nk bgtau. tp syaza mmg xdaftar ahli mcs for this sem. sbb tu rase mcm xbrp welcomed. bkn sbb xsuke bangsa sndr tp sbb mmg xdpt join. xde kene mengena dgn kronisme ke ape. xkurang meriah majlis tu without syaza n the "kroni". kalau rack ikhlas nk tego bgtau la name sape. xmacho la nk kutuk2 pompuan xbgtau name.

elly said...
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elly said...

rack is a slang for boobs.