Friday, April 10, 2009

A conversation with a Professor

“Excuse me, can I have your email please.”

“Sure! I should have given you guys my card.”

*Smiled and waited for him to write down his email*

“So where are you guys going again?”

“Oh, the University of Pittsburgh.”

“Sorry, where again?” *looked up*


“OH! Pittsburgh! That’s a really good choice! Oh, Pittsburgh is a wonderful place. The university is very well known with a good reputation over there. Hey, how come I never heard you guys mentioning Pittsburgh before?”

“Well we were contemplating between Pittsburgh and George Washington University.”

“Pittsburgh is DEFINITELY the better choice. You guys made the right decision. George Washington is very political – unless you guys like that whole thing. Plus, it is only one sided if you know what I mean! If you guys want a good academic education, Pittsburgh is much better.”


“Yeah! And Pittsburgh has a very good reputation for its basketball and football team... *pause* Maybe they even have a soccer team. Universities on the eastern side usually have more European oriented sports.”

*Looked at him*

“Do you guys know if any other INTI students are going there?”

“We don’t think so. A few applied, but we’re the only ones going.”

“That’s okay then since you guys will have each other. It’s always a bit hard going off to a new place alone at whatever age especially when you’re twenty like this. But you guys are going together so it’s going to be okay. You look out for each other, eh.”

*He smiled and pointed at the two of us*

“Oh Pittsburgh, and Pennsylvania, is a nice do know that’s the state right?”


“I don’t know how much research you have done but it is a very nice place. Pennsylvania is a conservative state...they have a liberal economic but a conservative lifestyle. You’ll like it.”

*Smiled again*

“What major are you guys doing again?”

“Political Science.”

“Oh, GOOD GOOD! That’s a solid major. Yeah Pittsburgh is the right choice. Hey I even know a political science professor over there. We taught together when I was still a young lecturer...(and it goes on to the name of the lecturer and all).”

*Tried to memorize the lecturer’s name*

“Well, okay then. You guys made a good choice. If there’s any problem just email me...or call me! It’s only what, ten cents now. You make sure you update me for anything, okay.”

*We both shook his hand*

“Hey that’s a good thing. Both of you have nice and firm handshakes. For a guy it’s a good thing but for a girl too. Malaysians don’t usually have firm handshakes. You guys are going to do great. Keep in touch!”



Rassyid said...

Babe!!! You got an amazing memory! fuhh...Impressive. You remember the whole conversation vividly. I only remember the name of the professor... ermm... Lewis Comfort is it?

Rudy O. said...

Lol, how I miss Borges!

I had a photo with him though

*winks winks*

Btw, hi there.

Syaza said...

Hello there!