Saturday, April 18, 2009

07/07 - 04/09

One year, nine months, seventeen days. That's how long I was part of INTI. Now, I'm no longer.

My empty side of the room, the locked room next door, things that made me want to tear up.

No more shouting in the cubicle while taking my bath with the neighbor in the next one shouting obscenity.

No more the roommate's music as an indicator it is time for me to wake up.

No more, "Makan mane hari ni?" question.

No more studying at cafeteria, common room, or the first semester routine of studying in my room while chatting.

No more suppers at the mamaks at 2 o'clock in the morning.

No more, "Sape berat sangat buat kereta Syaza bunyi ni," while looking at a particular person.

No more going to the bakery with the hope of seeing different lauk but then disappointed every time.

No more picture taking around campus.

No more rushing to class if it is Professor Borges'...

Two years seemed to have passed with the wind. I had no idea where it went.

To the people that I hurt intentionally or unintentionally while I was in INTI, I am deeply sorry to have caused any sorrow.

To the people that shared their college experiences with me - my dearest friends - thank you so much. Although we had our 'moments', I love having such a variety of personalities surrounding me from the second I woke up to the minute I fell asleep.

To everyone that I shared seconds, minutes, days, weeks, or months with, I did not regret getting to know all of you. From the mamak buddies of my first semester, my many classmates and simply, all JPA students, thank you.



Rassyid said...

wow.. it means no more studying at the cafeteria. erm... INTI. I met u there.

Mohd Aizat said...

"""No more, "Sape berat sangat buat kereta Syaza bunyi ni," while looking at a particular person."""

OMG....terase nk mampus!!!!!!

BTW, all da bes for u and sorry for any mistakes.


ChEsZa said...

hey!! aizat!! biler lak u kene! hahahahaha. OHHH!!! time nk g umah i tu eh? hehehehehe no la, ape la u ni :)

ye rassyid, no more cafeteria...

Rassyid said...

aizat berat ke nasaai yang berat time tu eh? erm... Aizat, Syaza tak pnh complain keta berat everytime aku naik keta die dowh. hehe.