Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Sounds evaporating from my ears,
Silence is suddenly taking over,
It’s spinning now with thoughts so unsure
of dreams and happiness...will it ever come by?
Don’t simply judge what you just read,
Neither am I down nor I am dead,
Just wondering of life and also my fate,
Will I ever be happy...one of these days?
Again I warn, my words are just words,
If you see me smile that’s straight from my heart,
Still not believing what I just wrote?
Believe me now for my words are worth
more than that dime in your shirt’s breast pocket.
Hold on for that someone so dear,
For I have met my someone so dear,
Will you always be, dear? Answer me dear.
Why do I sound so bitter and cold?
When the chill that I feel is only the wind,
Am I turning to a person unkind?
Please somebody, tell me not so.
These things in my grasp I’m not letting go,
My eyes are never ever deceiving.
Truth and gold may slip when you trip,
Both are priceless...don’t you see to agree?


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