Friday, March 27, 2009


Yesterday was Thursday. Like I've mentioned before, Thursday is now my free day for there's no more Statistics lab for me, yay! BUT, since I had to send our SPSS project, which right now I'm not sure if Ms Chuah will like or not, I still woke up quite early and got ready as if I had to go to class. So, after printing and dropping it at Ms Chuah's room, I took the car I went to KL!

I had to go back to KL for I had to go to the clinic to get my pills. (Sorry Lils I couldn't send you to the airport :( ) But before that I stopped by my house to get my appointment card because I forgot to bring it along to INTI. I was shocked when I came by and saw Joko, our head laborer, having a chat with my maid because the last time I saw him he was going back to Medan. But anyway, since he wanted to go to the Batang Benar KTM, I drove him there and then woosh I went to the clinic at Jalan Ipoh.

After seeing the doctor (the clinic was empty), we wanted to have lunch and me being sentimental and all, I said I want to go to NZ Curry House, the place where I spent nights with my family, friends, cousins, and everyone else! :) He said I looked awkward and out of place but truth is I was just taking it all in especially since it was raining...

After lunch I drove us to my old house in Taman Permata. On the way we passed the pisang goreng stall that my father loves so much so I stopped the car and asked him to buy them for me to send home for my father after he got back from work. The smell of the pisang goreng in my car while it was raining...memories, memories...

So then I parked my car in front of my house. There was something I thought would be in the mail for me but...there wasn't! (Don't get jealous Diana and Rassyid!) I was so relieved. Without waiting for tears to come rolling down I started making our way back to INTI and Nilai...

When I arrived back I did not sleep as expected by myself, but instead I turned on my laptop and worked on my evidences for the History trial. Two paternity tests and a wedding picture! :p Only when I was done that I fell asleep for a nap. I was so afraid that I wouldn't be able to finish those evidences since my lawyer already said she expected our evidences to be ready by the night. But when I went to the 'meeting' that night some were still working on their part of the evidences. So I sat there, looking at them, tried making small talks with Ana...and then gave up. I excuse myself after an hour of doing nothing. But I did not go back to the room but I teman him to Pia's trial video shoot. They were shooting a Nazi scene and Pia asked him to be one of the Nazis. All of them were wearing black and coincidentally so was I! I wanted to be part of the video but did not voice it out. Only after they were done shooting that Azim also thought that the video would have looked cooler with a female Nazi in it.

And today in History, Prof Borges was reviewing our evidences and he liked the ones that I did :) Excuse me for for being happy with my effort. He especially laughed at my 'wedding picture'. So I'm happy. All happy :)



Rassyid said...

U forgot to include the later part of Borges' remark over the picture of u n Calhoun.. Huhu.

ChEsZa said...


beb mentoot said...


siyes azim and rassyid looked good that night.

Nazi pulak tuh. hoho

no worries, syaza. rassyid is still urs. enggak ada niat. haha

elly said...


father and son betul.

lils said...

haha it's okay! i has a funny story to tell you though about the trip to the airport, and another one about dr borges and the both of you!!! :D

lils said...

oops, both of you meaning rassyid and you! ;)

Jismin Yusoff said...

jln ipoh is soooo near my house oke. okeee.

and i didn't tell you this bcoz i don't want to boast about this until i'm confident enough.

the first time i drove out of bandar baru sentul, i drove to tmn permata bcoz that's the road i most familiar with.

i went to giant, lalu burger pakcik sedap and park by the side of your house for 5 minutes.

it was night.

ChEsZa said...

beb: hahaha i know p, u mane pndg rassyid dh ade org lain yg lg hoCt kan.

elly: sape son??? i thot i only got one annoyging daughter yg takut naik plane sorg2 tu?


kak yong: haha familiarity is so addictive eh? =')