Friday, March 6, 2009


I'm the kind of blogger that loves to write on 'big' or 'special' events in my life. And I'm the kind of person that is very particular with the timing; if something happened on a certain day, I'll try my best to put up a post of it in less than 12 hours. Yet, today is already Friday night and I have not written anything on Jason Mraz's concert. Here's why: While I was planning the entry in my head two nights ago, I realized that I'm going to repeat my other posts on other concerts since all are quite similar. Not much differ. Let's see:

1. Went with the girls and one sesat guy.

2. Got sesat along the way myself, per usual.

3. Ate McD in the car.

4. Park quite far because of the aforementioned sesat-ness.

5. Met the cousins. Passed one to the girls.

6. Enjoyed myself. Jason Mraz is superbly amazing live. The fact that he didn't need an opening act to warm up the crowd says a lot. Love love love the 8 piece band. All the while I was thinking how jimat it is to bring him to do a concert since he needs only one shirt for one whole two hour performance...

7. Went for drinks after the concert.

8. Did not get sesat on the way back.

9. Reached INTI around 1am.

10. Falling more and more in love with Jason Mraz.

The End.


p/s: I realize that I'm doing more list entries these days. Hmh...


Rassyid said...

got one sesat guy meh? :p

initially when i read the title of this post - jason - i thot it was about our fren jason paul. hehe.

nice concert by mr.mraz. bravo!

p/s: thanks to u for the ticket!

ChEsZa said...

jason is a very common name... it's the m-r-a-to-z that's special :)

diana said...

he wore two bajus lah! yg i heart kl<3 tu :P

ChEsZa said...

oyeah...okla, up sikit. hehe.