Thursday, March 19, 2009


I wrote a note at my Facebook asking my friends to answer some questions about me. There was one question about if they think I am funny and I got mix answers.

I'm sad...

I just realized something. The people that think I am funny are those who are really close to me. Maybe some - most - of you who are reading this do not believe me when I say I can be really funny to the point that I should enter Raja Lawak instead of INTI Idol (hah!). But it's okay :) Because seriously, those who are really close to me like Fayyadhah, Shila, Rassyid and some of my schoolmates always say that I make them laugh till tears roll down their cheeks. Shila once said, "I'm lucky I have a very funny friend to make me forget my troubles," while laughing at something I said. And Rassyid once said that my jokes are "Nabil Raja Lawak" kind of jokes. In other words, maybe low standard la for some of these budak-budak INTI. My jokes are not racist or sarcastic (sometimes). I'm just the kind of person that would sit back, observe a person, and - not make fun per se - make that person laugh at himself or herself. Because I have always believed that a sense of humor is when you are able to laugh at yourself and that's why I love to make fun of myself and of my closest friends. I guess I have to be really comfortable with that someone to know for sure that the person knows I am just joking for me to make those jokes. I'm not witty, I'm just a plain person who loves to laugh and make others laugh too at their own imperfections.

I miss those retards who appreciate me =')

Syawal, Me and Iqa ponteng tugas for a while.

My classmates...

Nabil taking charge =')

Sally aka Salwan (the far left) with her ANTM pose!

My baby...



DoraYaKiii ツ said...

alahai comel jek muke mse skola dlu yeh. wuwuu. skrang mukan comel jek. cun laagik. hehee :)

ChEsZa said...

hahaha terima kasih la ye cik dorayaki