Wednesday, March 25, 2009



Let me start the post with how I'm feeling by putting that little downward 'smiley' up there. Nah, I'm not sad because something bad happened but I think I kind of see this semester - my fifth semester - being shelved in my memory as an unproductive one. It's just that... when I think of waking up to 8 o'clock Statistics classes I just cringe for I don't enjoy it as much as I think I would. I'm not going to blame the lecturer, it's just me. I guess I can't wait to start taking courses on Political Science right now, however hard and scary it may sound to me. Government Comparison sounds so appealing than this statistical methods which apparently is NOT, I repeat, NOT required by Pittsburgh.

Even for my US History class, I just dread going to meetings after meetings only to go over what we have covered in class when my favorite trial - my POL 101 class's trial - only had meetings THREE times ONLY during the week of our trial. And we won. You know what, I'm going to write a post on 'advices' to future Prof Borges students on how to have a fun and practical trial. Art...oh don't let me start on it. I'm just glad the test was done and over with and now I'll only have to focus on my confusion on how the final paper would look like for he has only 'taught' us how or what to answer for the objective questions.

The only thing I'm happy about this semester? ENL102 and Dr. Lim. I'm happy with the work I've done so far regarding my research project and right now in ENL, it's just for me to listen to his grandfather's story and be prepared for the United States...five months from now. I'm glad I took his class instead of Public Speaking.

So that's all my update :) Oh, and also today the fifth person said that I'm slimmer now than before. I think - if I want to think as a normal female - I should be happy. But honestly, I'm not. I just got worried. I don't want to be slim. I like having fat. It makes me feel human. I'm going to start eating again! Yes...I WILL!



elly said...


malam ni kita makan mana?

ChEsZa said...

jahat dowh u. ye i mkn now.

DoraYaKiii ツ said...

kalaw saye ckp akak kurus skrang nie..

saye org yg ke bpe plak yeh?

hee.. btw akak nmpak chantek smlm bbaju kurong merah :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry for intruding but pls allow me to make a quick clarification. As stated in the list of recommended subjects for Pitts that I gave you eons ago (do you still have it?), "Stats--is not required for majors but highly recommended for all those interested in graduate education".

That said, you may not like STA219 but being such a smart student, I'm sure you're going to do just fine after all.

Btw, enjoy the semester while it lasts.

Ms. Zaleha, CAE

ChEsZa said...

haha org ke 26 wahai dorayaki. btw merah sgt ke baju i???'s ok ms zaleha. i'm doing fine with stats right now, just complaining a bit for reactions. haha..