Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Yani - Ms Lee

A year ago, I went to MMU for some charity concert with him and Shila with her friends. We went because he likes gigs, indie acts, and OAG. Remember, a year ago we were barely two months together so 'whatever he likes I like' :p Anyway, it was a year ago that I was introduced to Yuna. I remember I did not speak a word during her whole performance for I was speechless because...because...I've always wanted to be the first tudung-wearing-guitar-playing Malaysian to become famous! Oh well, I guess God has a bigger plan for me. Or perhaps, He knows I just can't sing for s*** :p

A year after I watched her performance, I had to play her song in front of audiences. Who are they? Sofiya's classmates. It was for her MUS 105 presentation.

I hope I did not ruin Pia's chance to get good marks for her presentation. All the best beb!



elly said...

i spot my head.

ChEsZa said...

this is the picture with the minimum amount of your head showing. bayangkan yg lain tu.

beb mentoot said...

u didnt,la. i ruined it myself!