Friday, February 6, 2009

truth as a defense

This is what I don't understand:

When the others do it, it is what the rakyat want. But when your own people frog-leaped, it is unethical. My question is, who are the ones without principle here? For me, it is easy; those who betrayed the party do not deserve to be in the party. It is like having a cheating should throw a party (excuse the pun) when he leaves.

Okay, I understand it is not as simple as that. But facts are facts. They left, regardless of the reason behind it. And just like an Academy Award winning actor sometimes got passed for a movie, so does a professional politician should respect the state AND federal constitution. THE MAJORITY HAS THE RIGHT TO RULE. Trying to defend what's no longer yours is not only unprofessional but also childish. Why, scared to lose the Camry?

This part is a bit controversial. The state rulers DO have power; just like when the Sultan of Terengganu has the right to choose the MB before (and you were cheering for that). Maybe I am a bit of a traditional Malay. Although monarchy is unnatural, so is democracy. But for me, personally, as long as I am not ruled by a tyrant, I have no problem respecting the royal family. I don't believe in the tulah but I believe in history where their ancestors are the ones who started to rule the land we call home now. And as a Muslim, I believe there is always a reason for everything that happens. STOP LIVING IN DENIAL. Your coalition is weak, face it. But no, you get offended when people say so. Please la, don't even let me start on PAS and DAP. But PKR and even PR actually, only established and survived because of Anwar. What's next when he's not around?

I know this post may sound unlike me. However, I am still not a BN girl. I will never join Puteri although they wear pink skirt and scarf. But I now subscribe to the principle of "truth as a defense." What you choose to do of this post is entirely up to you. But listen, before you decide to riot, think carefully of what you're rebelling against. Thank you.


P/s: I wrote this entry on my HTC so I do not know how the post would look on a normal pc so excuse the weirdness, if any.

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