Tuesday, February 24, 2009

25 Things

Actually my cousin tagged me at Facebook but I'm not really a Facebook girl so I did not do it. But oh well, I'm a blog girl so this is it. Specially for my roommate :p

1. I totally feel guilty sleeping too much at INTI because my roommate would be awake almost... all the time. The only time she sleeps (besides at night) will be in the afternoon and even then she will ALWAYS wake up first before me. Guilty, guilty...

2. I used to be a breakfast-lover girl because my mum taught me to ALWAYS and ALWAYS have breakfast for that is the most important meal of the day. Note the 'used' because now in INTI I'm lazy to eat in the morning.

3. I have to take my three meals per day or not I'll get cranky.

4. And oh, I have to take those aforementioned meals on time or I'll get EXTRA cranky.

5. I'm not particular about food because my philosophy is: "Whatever comes into my mouth will get out of my body in exactly one way looking the same." But I still love food whenever I have the opportunity to choose but if not, oh well, I'm not picky :)

6. Besides food, I love sleeping. Wait, did I mention that already?

7. I was tricked by my dad to play guitar when I was 10. The whole story shall be told to whomever who ask. But point is, I've always wanted to play drums and for taking pity on me, my mum finally offered to pay for my drums lessons when I was 16.

8. My next best kept secret? I finally agreed with my dad that guitar is much better because I can play it anywhere, I can sing while playing my guitar (though not advisable to myself...), and I can actually play songs.

9. I don't, and never will, understand the obsession of playing video games. Never. I did play a few myself whilst growing up but it's just not my thing.

10. As mentioned in an entry before, I would rather have small groups of friends that I can really count on than a huge group but with one or two that would go behind my back once in a while.

11. When a baby, my parents put me in front of Sesame Street and Disney cartoons. Later, I learned to 'read' and watch Doraemon. After that I became obsessed with Sailormoon (I love Dragon Ball too, but I was never obsessed because everybody's into it). Then...Oh God... please don't kutuk me DianaEllyPia, but I used to love Hello Kitty that I have everything of it from meal box to watch. Finally, I turned cool and had this HUGE FASCINATION over all things POKEMON!

12. I was once naive and thought that everything western is good. Thus I suddenly had this secret wish that I had blonde hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. Oh, wait. I take that back. I NEVER wish to have fair skin. I love being tanned :)

13. Once upon a time, my aunt shared a room with me. She loves ERA, so I was forced to listen to that radio station. One day my best friend came over and laughed when she saw my radio was fixed to ERA. Because of that I started listening to Hitz (which I listened to before my aunt's sudden love with ERA happened) and I never look back till now.

14. My first 'gig' ever was...BLUE! Lee Ryan... *drool*...

15. Oh, and I remember one of the reasons that I choose not to apply to a boarding school is because I was afraid that if I go to one, I won't be able to attend any other concerts during school semesters.

16. My favorite number is 7. Why? Add the number on your left. And if you can't figure out why that number is important to me, consider yourself not a friend.

17. I was born at 2.45 pm and for some reason I believe that is why I am the least active in the afternoon.

18. Before, I used to not understand why teenagers like to go out with their friends. I mean, going out with friends has so many limitations. Not enough money, can't shop, can't eat at nice restaurants, and pening with our public transportation. But after the first time I went out with my friends, I understand that sometimes I need others' company too besides my family.

19. Yes, I love living in KL. I love being a KL girl. But you know what, now I can say I'm a KL-Nilai girl. Which means, I'm more Malaysian now than I was before. Yay... :)

20. I love fast, quick, speed, and other adjectives that fit into the category. This applies to almost everything in my life. Most times I ruined my belongings at the expense of that.

21. When I was younger, I never agree with my father when he suggested we adopt a little brother or sister for me. Then when I was older, around 13, I regretted not agreeing for I started to love kids. But now, I'm GLAD I did not agree back then for I love being the baby. It's not bad to be the baby; I learned a lot from other people's mistakes and came out better.

22. I've always dreamed of a small wedding consisting of only immediate families and friends. My parents were always against this for they say weddings are about the parents, mostly. But if it's up to me, a small one is perfect. Remember I love small groups of friends?

23. I don't know why, but I no longer write... :( Neither poems nor fictions... Me sad...

24. I have a weird sense of fashion. Sometimes people don't understand. I don't like looking like one of the models in magazines. I never really care what's in and what's not because as they say, fashion comes and goes. However, I know my style and I'm more than comfortable with it.

25. I may looked garang on the outside whenever I'm with him, but trust me, inside, I feel he's one of the persons that I respect, trust, and love the most.



Rassyid said...

25 things are not enough to tell bout u. There are a lot of interesting facts bout u to be shared. but i realized, from no.1 to no.6, they are mostly bout sleep n food :p

elly said...
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elly said...

no.26 - i honestly look like awie, sans tudung.

ChEsZa said...


Jismin Yusoff said...

awie? eyebrow kot jaaa.

still... impian illyana girl more look like u (hehe, still ringing in my head syafiq's remark)

no 11. huge impact in my life. bcoz we were so miskin back then and coming to KL means free disney movies and u guys hv to watch it again with us. hehehehe.

ChEsZa said...

Allahuakbar kakyong....jgn la igtkan ilyana tu. nyampah i :p
aw, ape wat citer sedih lak. no hal je tgk disney utk kali ke bape ratus pun. :)