Friday, December 12, 2008

Ratu Sesat

Anyone remembers the story of me going through Damansara to get back home from Tugu Negara?

Or of a year ago when I lost Nik and just went straight on the highway heading to Shah Alam?

Or my countless stories of taking the wrong turns, and u-turning back...or sometimes I don't even take the u-turn and just find the next exit that's familiar.

But most times I'm not lost but just missed out on the right exit and ended up further from my destination.

Reckless? Irresponsible? Careless? Dumb? Or plain stupid for not 'planning' ahead? You choose.

Today I got lost again. But as usual, it was caused by my negligence to read the signboard clearly. Or maybe blame, as the above-mentioned Nik does, on Malaysia's signboards that are Instead of heading to KL from Shah Alam, we (me and Adilah) were heading for Sabak Bernam. After I "touchED'n'WENT", we were both speechless as the scene was...unrecognizable. When Adilah spoke up I said, "Well, at least it's pretty in green." Then of course she screamed at me and asked me to take the u-turn and alas we were back at square one: in Shah Alam. I just so happen took the flyover instead of turning left. Small mistake :p

Anyway, after laughing our ass off, Adilah said, "Aku tak penah tak sesat kalau naik keta ngan ko long distance (figuratively: I always got lost with you)." And then I told her of what Diana once said, "There's always an adventure whenever I'm in the car with you (something like that)." I know it's my fault because the time that's wasted was of mine and others. But come on, admit it, it's when we're lost that we bond either through laughter, cries, screams, or just by seeing new sights.

I know that's what happened in the car today :)


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