Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Ok don't laugh...

I actually cried listening to Britney's new songs. ...OK I may be exaggerating. I didn't exactly weep, but tears did come down my cheeks. I'm OBVIOUSLY going to buy her album this week (which came out last Tuesday on her birthday). I was just doing a bit 'pre-shopping' as I went through her songs online. And three songs caught my attention: 1. My Baby, 2. Out From Under and 3. Blur.

The first one is obviously about her sons. The second one is actually a cover and I found the original version yet I like Britney's more. It's about letting go of her past and you can really hear the regret in her voice and her wish in trying to make a new life. And the last one really touched me. It's about her state of...being high. Of not knowing where you are but wanting to get home. She's really turning a new leaf after all that had happened last year :')


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