Wednesday, October 22, 2008

We Live

Today, Diana and I survived and I don't know why but I have mixed feelings over the whole ordeal. Well, okay I'm exaggerating. It's not like we survived a car crash or a storm but nonetheless, wait till you hear this story.

Around 2pm, I drove both Diana and I to this supposed Bukit Kapur behind UIA. But we found out it wasn't really a nice spot to take photographs. So we moved on. I just drove around while Diana took her LA/Beverly Hills/US-open-road pictures. Then we reached this playground-slash-lake which is on the way to Sofiya's house. I've always wanted to check the place out so I parked my car and we walked around. After almost half an hour spent there Diana wanted to go on the swings and I followed. We were swinging underneath this canopy of trees as the clouds above turned gray. So I said to Diana let's go.

And then I just drove around still trying to find a spot to take kampung-y pictures but we failed to find that perfect spot. Therefore I made a U-turn. When we almost reach the end of the long road that meets the highway, people were flashing at me. The first thought that came to mind was there's a speed trap but at a place where cars go no more than 60km/h? And then we saw it. There was a tree on the road. A TREE. Not a branch, or a root, and definitely not a leaf but a TREE. It was the tree that Diana and I were sitting underneath just about 15 minutes before. There's no way around it so I made a U-turn and exited the route at a junction before KTT.

While I was driving I just can't get it out of my head. What if we were stubborn? What if we stayed a few minutes longer? What if while we were swinging the tree fell the other way around - on top of us. What if...? Why are we lucky? Why did we escape? Why God wants me to live another day? Hmm... Again, I know it's not that dramatic but a few minutes later and a different blog post might be written.

Maybe even not by me.


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diana said...

i love how my name was repeated a lot of times in the post. :P

eh, when u told me u wanted to blog, i thought u were going to blog abt the many adventures u've had with whitey (walaupun hanya dlm the less than 2 years span that i've known u)...

but the way u ended ur post, that's scary. to think that i was in the same position, and could have ended up like that too.