Saturday, October 11, 2008

Shila's Open House

After my whole crying session last night, I decided as I woke up today to appreciate my friends before it's too late and I want to try my best to put on a smile and help them to put up theirs every time we see each other. So even though my eyes were badly bruised thanks to the bucket-full of tears, I still went to Shila's open house in Shah Alam. It's not that I don't want to go earlier, but I was not sure of the way. But because she's a dear friend of mine, I threw away my doubts and just hit the road. I picked Adilah up from UiTM first. It was the first time I went to her place in UiTM.

After that we went to pick Xema up from her house in front of Giant. I know the place as I've been there before for the same reason. Oh how I miss that short little girl. Well, she's not a girl anymore. She's now the hottest babe in MSU :) So at 3pm the three of us arrived at Shila's own crib. She's so proud and happy with the place so I'm more than excited to check in out. It was a rather small place but perfect for four university students sharing the rent. They even have Astro and a cat.

Shila said 2 till 4 was for their friends and classmate so when we arrived there weren't many people yet. Mostly people we know and have met. Que, Xema's best friend was already there together with Farass and some of their classmates. I thought Shila's going to cook but I was disappointed... Xema being herself, helped herself to my camera and started to take pictures of people and asking people to take pictures of her.

Oh and a few of Shila's other friends including an ex of a friend of mine gave them two tortoises! New pets that I hope Shila won't kill. Her brother gave her a pet rabbit once for her birthday and it died in a few months. I only visited 'him' once.

Around 4.30 almost everyone there said goodbye, including the three of us. I sent Xema back first and then Adilah as she had to wait for her parents who were coming to Shah Alam later. I had a good time. Not bad for the short period of time we were there. Nonetheless, I love them very much :)


P/s: Elly, you were freaking me out with your messages you know.


Rassyid said...

wah, skrg ni every post mesti ade gmbr :p bgus3. gambr yg last sekali tu cantik la. sape org tu ek?

eliza said...



diana said...

wah, all of a sudden i see a lot of pictures in syaza's posts. and longer posts too. i guess with a new camera, comes a lot of inspiration and photo posts. :P

did elly attend that open house too???

ChEsZa said...

rassyid, u nk kata org yg amek gmbr tu hebat ke org yg dlm gmbr tu???


no diana, she MISHEARD her own location. haha. alah di, just taking everyday pictures. for now byk bende happen byk la to write about :)

beb mentoot said...

syaza, since u have a big ass camera, take my pic kan? heheheheheheheheheheh.and can i try to use ur cam once? with u my by side,la. it looks exciting when the flash goes on. macam paparazzi :D

azam said...

good to have an open house with friends...
uitm blog reader

ChEsZa said...

SURE BEB! Sure to both of them! I'm more than happy to take ur pic n i dun mind AT ALL u using them :)

hey azam :)


Rassyid said...

mestila model tu yg cantik :)