Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Proud Moments

Since the first semester here I had a few 'proud moments' as I like to call it, academically. I'm not writing this to brag or anything but I just want to give a pat on my own back. So here they are.

1. For the first semester, my 'proud moment' would be during my Psychology class presentation on DREAMS. I did it with Zaim, Lei Kheng, and Yi Juin. I was a bit glad that my part was a small part thus I was able to focus on the presentation as a whole. Therefore I was able to answer my classmates' inquiries. But the proudest moment for me would be in Dr. Fulton's office when he said, "You surprised me to be the best Malay girl that presented." Of course I was happy but I was also like, eh, why just pit me against the Malays? But anyway.

2. Second semester I had two proud moments. One of course during our Politics trial when I was the polyandrous Patty Perkins. I was happy because even Borges wrote good things about that in my recommendation letter. The other one was of course when I got the best speaker thing. It's not exactly that but more of what the two foreign adjudicators said, "You were rational yet passionate." :)

3. Honestly for last semester there wasn't one because i don't want to overdo myself. I mean, whatever it is I still love being the underdog. So I went for a small part in the Anthropology trial and did not lead my history debate. I guess if I have to pick then it would be when I got best speaker again. Oh and when I saw the remarks Renuka put and the mark she awarded me. I love her :D

4. Finally, I'm writing all these because I was really proud of myself over my Outlandish presentation yesterday for my Music class. I've been going through it in my mind over and over and I'm very happy. Why? Because at the end of my presentation my lecturer asked me where she can get their albums. She seemed very interested and into their music. If I can pull another person to listen to Outlandish - to GOOD, MEANINGFUL music - then that's all the motivation I need for next week's finals. :)



Rassyid said...

congratulations babe. u always did a gud job :)

eliza said...

adakah anda sedang perli saya with the phrase "GOOD,MEANINGFUL music"?

*raises an eyebrow*