Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Worst Best Day

If TM said he had a long day, than I had a longer one.

I woke up late today as I forgot to set the alarm. And after I took my bath thinking I’m going to my music class, he called me to inform that the meeting with JPA representatives had been brought forward to 10am. So we went, all of us including the 2008 batch. But for two hours it was spent mostly to answer the juniors’ uncertainties that we have covered lat year.

After that, to show how good a student I am, we still went to music class and joined the B class till 2 pm.

After lunch I went to the blood donation counter. I did my deed but he did not as the nurse said he had low blood pressure. So I spent almost an hour there as I helplessly ‘pumped’ my arm. I was done around 3.30 and as I walked down the MPH stairs I saw my dad’s CRV in front of Aristotle.

I ran back to my room and had a mere 15 minutes to change into my baju kurung, wear a bit make up and put on Sofiya’s tudung lilit. I rushed back down to meet my parents and we entered the hall exactly at 4. The ceremony went on till a little after 5. And then my parents wanted to take him and I out to dinner. Therefore I told both TM and him that I can’t take them to Seremban. I thought for sure won’t be a big deal as TM did not even want to go in the first place.

After I’ve changed into my jeans and t-shirt, Ms Lee called me and called me irresponsible. Whatever. So I cried in the car. It’s just that she has no right to say, “Your parents can wait till 8.30 to have dinner with you.” Even remembering her saying those words make me want to cry now and feel like punching her. I am so not that kind of daughter. I would rather her fail me, fail my whole course, and prevent me from going to the States than make me say those words to my lovely parents who had come all the way.

The four of us went to dinner at a place quite far (as in I never go with my friends). My mum was fasting so we had quite a feast. I guess because I was so distressed calling TGV, TM, and TGV again, my dad decided to used that time to surprise me with…MY OWN DSLR CAMERA! A SONY ALPHA DSLR-A200!

Oh my God I was shaking as I opened the box! I can’t believe I own my own digital single-lens reflex camera now! :) I am so going everywhere with it! I’m going to take pictures of everything in front of me! I want to go to take pictures of animals in the zoo! I will surely study all the manuals and instructions of the camera more than my stupid music course. Thank you papa and ibu! I love you guys so much!

But that’s not the end of my day. At 8.15 TM, him, and I left INTI for Seremban. At the toll we argued (discussed) until 8.37 and finally decided to take the left turn. We arrived at Jusco at 8.50 and went straight into the cinema to watch Mama Mia. I felt sorry to TM for having to have popcorn for dinner. To make up to both of them for me being ‘irresponsible’, I ‘belanja’ them the tickets. The movie ends around 10.30 and I drove back to Nilai. Then Rassyid treated TM to dinner at McD. We arrived back at INTI around 12. The movie was nice, I got to admit. But most of all I’m just glad TM was the one who was stuck with us. Whatever it is, Ms Lee has no right to treat me as one of the class jokers as I’ve been a good student all this while and this is something out of my control. She should at least try to understand. I so can’t wait for this semester to end.

All in all, I quite enjoy my day today. I don’t even bother that much over Ms Lee’s accusations but I’m a bit sad BECAUSE OF HER I could not enjoy the whatever short time I have with my parents. Ape punye cikgu la.



Rassyid said...

Huhu. Me too was a bit upset to hear she commenting on ur parents suprise. But, remember wat TM said, "she shud get married" :p forget bout her lah.

Hey, u r being to specific here describing ur new bf lah. so many numbers and letters. wat his name ah? dslr alpha sumtg2...

diana said...

happy utk awk...
i wish my dad was more like yours.

ChEsZa said...

rassyid poyo.

thx diana, i really hope we'd hv a lot of good picture-taking moments :)

eliza said...

take pictures of me.

eliza said...

dan saya pun spt ingin tumbuk itu guru. apalah.

ChEsZa said...