Friday, September 5, 2008

My Worst Regret

I don't believe in regrets. Like they say, live in the present as it is a present. Don't fret about the past or worry about the future. Anyway your past makes you who you are so regretting is kind of like denying yourself. However, I do have one regret in my life. I regret...I regret that I tried dieting early this year. Why oh why did I fall under this shallow pressure...

All my life I was known among my friends as the one who can finish her food earlier than all combine AND finish their food too if they aren't able to do so. If there's a food eating competition at my school I'll be the first name they would suggest to the teacher. If we're eating out I would be the joke of the day for eating everything in front of me that's not green. It's just a known fact that SYAZA EATS.

Then came college. Everybody is so concern over their weight and figure when I don't really give a damn if I don't have the flattest tummy and was quite slim with no figure whatsoever. And I did think then that I won't fall for this one type of peer pressure. I thought, so what if I'm a bit out of shape, I love my body all the same. All that was important to me back then was that I was healthy. I hell can run for 40 minutes without feeling a slight dizziness. But now...Damn!

Really, if there's one thing I can redo in my life it is NOT to diet. When I diet, I ate less and I guess my body adjusted to that. So, if I eat more than my 'diet portion' now I would bloat easily. Back when I used to be the eating hero among my friends my body was able to accept all that food as it is 'normal' to me then. Plus I used to exercise a lot. So it didn't matter that I eat a lot too. I'd burn it all eventually especially during the weekends. But that was when my schedule was quite fixed with school, tuition, then home. Now my classes might end early or late. And then with the late night studying *cough* I'm not that psyched over exercising anymore. Honestly, I'm not really proud of myself now. I'm worse off now on the outside AND inside (physiologically speaking).

So people, now you know what my number one regret is. Good luck on my next True Friends Test!



Rassyid said...

I love ur body shape no matter what shape it is :p i never regret. hehe

p.s. siape yg berani put on pressure on my gf tu ek? nk kene ni. huh!

lils said...

damn, i love rassyid's comment! yg penting asalkan syaza bahagia yes? food is gloriousssss! :D

food monster :D

diana said...

hmm siapa yg put pressure on syaza ye? elly kot :O rassyid, pergi kenakan elly cepat! :P

ps: elly, i am kidding.

Rassyid said...

oh, sudah kujangka ini kerja si penjual pau itu. Berani die meng-put pressure on my gf. Hmmph.. Siap die ;{

ChEsZa said...

hahaha first of, thankies sayang.. :)
second of all, dah2 it's all in the past, xde salah sape2 :))


Farah Alias said...

jgn diet2 lagi tau pasnie...;-)
u dah ok dah!
lagi pun diet nie tkbest la.hihi

eliza said...

baguslah, aku jugak dipersalahkan.

so feel free next time nak jadikan i scapegoat utk apa-apa else ye.

ChEsZa said...

yes farah, no more dieting for me :)

olololoh ellyyyyyyy mane de i salah kan u! ish u niiiii!!! jump to konklusi la :) xde xde, u ok la. sayang awk bulat.


eliza said...

*taps foot*

boypren tuh,takmo tumbuk2 pau yeah?

nanti tak gebu.

diana said...


doesn't that sound wrong......

Rassyid said...

sape boypren tuh??

eliza said...

diana : are being ultra horny again?

rassyid : he'eleh -_______-''''''

beb mentoot said...

syaza: was it me? sbb u terkejut i x mkn byk the first week. but as time passed, u know how much i can eat kan kan kan???? i just dont eat that much on mu normal days. kan kan kan????