Friday, September 12, 2008

The heirs of Malacca

The other day in Malaysian Studies we learned (again) about the Sultanate of Malacca. Our lecturer talked about the four famous sultans all the way till the last sultan, Sultan Mahmud Syah. And then as we all know through endless hours reading our high school history textbook years ago, Malacca was attacked by the Portuguese.

Therefore, when the empire fell to Portugal in 1511, Sultan Mahmud Syah retreated to Kampar, and died there in 1528. From then on Malacca no longer had a sultan up until today. But then, oh, wait a second, it does not stop there. It appeared that the Sultan left an heir that then went on to rule another great empire on the Peninsula which happens to be the empire of Johor-Riau. And the first sultan of Johor was no one else but Sultan Alauddin Riayat Shah II, the son of the last sultan of Malacca.

Okay, but I'm not here to talk on the history of Malacca or the subsequent Johor-Riau empire. Read on.

But Sultan Mahmud Shah did not just leave behind one son. Instead he left the Malays with TWO princes. And the second prince was named Sultan Muzaffar Syah. If his brother Sultan Alauddin Riayat Syah II went on to establish the Sultanate of Johor, what happened to the next beloved prince? Can Sultan Muzaffar Syah rise to the expectation of his brother? Well, of course he can and he did! After his father's death he was invited to rule Perak and hence became the first sultan of Perak. Unlike Johor, the current sultan of Perak is the descendant of the last Sultan of Malacca.

The moral of the story? Well, it has nothing to do with Malaysia. Hey, this is my blog. Anyway, to tell the truth I've always been attracted to Perakian boys, even though I don't meet many, for one irrational reason: I am 100% Perakian by blood. I had this...'dream' of continuing the 'bloodline'. Sounds very stupid, no? And I just came to realized that my brother is the one who got to live my dream. So I told him (Mr. Bf) about this and he was the one who convinced me that we actually do share the same history. The descendants of the Sultan of Malacca did rule both Perak and Johor respectively. Thus, that makes us Malacca people!




Rassyid said...

wat a nice post my dear. although the current sultan of johor is not d descendant of the sultan of malacca, the people are still from one root of family n we do share d same bloodline ;p

ChEsZa said...

no we don't. hang anak sultan johor ka? haha that's why i wrote we share the same HISTORY. but bloodline, we'r not royalty.


diana said...

LOL at the last sentence.
Borges must be proud.

Rassyid said...

alah. sultan tu pon darah cam kite gak. warne merah gak. bkn darah warne kuning ke ape :p

eliza said...


ooh so THAT'S what you call em.