Friday, September 26, 2008

Mariage - on zaim's request

First of, can't people take a joke anymore nowadays?

Okay, here's the deal. I'm going to talk about something that irks me so much and I hope you guys will have an open mind about it. If you don't, you better leave now because I'm not about to entertain another one. Maybe you might say it's my hormones talking and I don't have a clue regarding what I'm talking about. Or you can call me 'gatal'. I don't care. Why? Because for once I know I'm on the right track. If you wish to do so still, do it in your own free time cause I'm not here to listen to ya.

Have other Muslims, oops, I mean MALAYS heard that "Kahwin melengkapkan separuh agama" (Marriage is the other half to your faith)? Of course I'm writing this from the perspective of a Muslim becaue that's what I am. That is what I am first and foremost. Before I go any further I would like say something on the whole Malay-Muslim thing. I'm first a Muslim, second a Malay...or being Malay might even come in third or fourth after daughter and sister. My point is, I think it is ridiculous to follow the footsteps of the generations before me that have no basis except their own insecurities. As I always say, they are just another human whereas God knows better what's best for ALL.

My point is, why are people so afraid of marriage? Fine, I understand that marriage is not something you can play about. And that is the reason to get married in Islam you need to be ready mentally, emotionally, physically, financially, and spiritually. But that is not a good enough excuse why most adults won't let their children to marry young. Because frankly speaking, from my own observation of my peers, I don't find many parents who really know their kids inside out. "You're not ready," they say. "You're too young," they say. "You have to study first," they say. Oh God. Of course all those are correct in a sense but then if the parents are not there to support, who's going to?

I totally hate in when...let me give you a situation. A and B want to get married because they know that it is sinning to be thinking of another person longer than someone should of God Himself. They understand that being physically together is wrong but it's not under their control that for A, B is the only person who understands and supports everything about A and vice versa. And both of them are Muslims. One day they decide to ask permission from their respective parents and relatives because they are confident they are acting by the book. But they were wrong. What's the first question asked by these relatives? "What have you guys done?!" As if that's the only reason to get married: to get laid (sorry if it' starting to sound unlike me).

Maybe our elders might have some ground. Maybe they're talking from experience. But whose experience? The few that discovered many years later marriage is not so wonderful after all? I only have one thing to say to these people: God is fair. The only reason that might happen is if you did not take the chance to do it right the one time you have it. They say you are young once and you never know when you're going to die. So what happens if before you die you were deny the other half of your faith from those ignorant of Islam? Isn't it sad? Plus, consider that people can slip by a second, a third person might come into the picture, and the most important thing, what if the lack-off of this partnership is behind the ruins of a person's life and not his supposed 'gatal time belajar'.

Two of my Ustazahs married while they were doing their first degree. And both of them graduated successfully and one of them even has a husband that graduated overseas. They both have five children and living happily with the husbands they met years ago. Yet, many couples who got married after being in a relationship for almost a decade either end in divorce or a lifetime of 'silent war'. Take UIA for example, why do they provide housing and financial aid to those who decide to get married while studying? Because it is the right thing to do. Because marriage between two families that love one another is simply beautiful.

Islam does not teach us to 'couple' and I admit it. Islam teaches that if you find the right person do not waste your time and play around fire. The next step is to get the blessings of God. My only concern is this: if the family does not even support this beautiful act, who's going to?


Thursday, September 25, 2008


Yesterday Sofiya, Rassyid and I went to the "Abolish AUKU" forum. Well of course I wasn't expecting much but I thought let's just give it a try. So we went. Of course personally I am interested in abolishing the act. Especially after the 'argument' I had with Shila, I want to have a fair chance the next time we see each other :p She as a law student understandably understands more but I want to be at par with her to not look like a fool defending something without basis. And so we went.

Let me start by saying that Sofiya left after the first speaker was done.

There were three speakers, obviously, as it was a forum. But the thing we were wondering was who will the speakers be? If it's some law student voicing his opinion than thanks but no thanks. But how were we to know these speakers are no better. The first speaker was someone from Gerakan Mahasiswa Mansuhkan AUKU (GMMA). I don't want to comment on his English nor speaking ability. I admit so he won't be getting high marks on his MUET but for me his confidence to speak out is a bit admirable regardless of grammatical and pronunciation mistakes. But because of that he lost the attention of the mostly law students audience.

The second speaker? First of all, she wasn't even standing. If her voice is loud then it's okay but the thing is she was reading a text. A TEXT! She was 'reading' about Academic Freedom and I think quoting the whole speech from some Harvard professor. And she was a bit emotional, I got to admit. Or maybe I'm the only one who sense it? Nevertheless.

The last speaker is the only person whom I wished would have talk longer. He's the DAP member and our MP that used to (or still?) teach law in INTI. No wonder the students were suddenly interested in the forum as he is a good speaker and I believe a good lecturer. And when he answered questions, he was the only one who was professional and did not get carried away. I mean I understand why the first two speakers really wanted to abolish AUKU (I do think every sane student would want the same thing) but to gain respect you have to give respect. The MPs not going to listen to you if you keep repeating the word 'stupid'... Anyway, the only thing I was disappointed with the third speaker was that he included politics every two sentences. Sure I agree every thing about our every day life IS politics, but when we're talking about AUKU then talk about AUKU.

Honestly at the end of it I don't think I'm any more enlightened than I was an hour earlier. Shila is so going to win another argument again. And Pia, yup, she made the right choice to leave.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cuti-cuti Malaysia

Yesterday in class Mr Lee talked about the independence of Malaya. And as we all know, it includes subtopics covering the three major parties in the country back then (can't tell if it's the same now). One of them is MIC and suddenly I missed my girlfriends so much!!! What's the connection? Well, Adilah was one of them who loved to call me Tun Sambathan. Sometimes when she's really in a 'good mood', John Thivy. Why, let it just be between me and my classmates. So there I was in class and I texted her saying how much I miss her. And then Mr Lee also mentioned something about the Tugu Negara. Believe it or not even as a native KL-ite I only went there last year. I was thinking back of all the good times and decided to dedicate this post to my two partners-in-Cuti2 Malaysia, Adilah and Asilah (and sometimes joined by Hazimah)...

The first picture was of Adilah and I looking out of KL Tower. The second picture there was of the two of us again posing in the rain by the fountain. The three of us - Adilah, Asilah, and I - went there on the Wednesday after the last SPM paper. I guess we decided to go there because that was one of the many tourist spots in KL that I was actually confident of finding my way without getting lost. First we went 'trekking' at the Bukit Nanas Reserve and had lunch there...our take-away McD! After that we went to watch the mini cultural show at the lobby. We were laughing watching the abangs dancing and feeling awkward because of the intimate setting.

And then we went to the Tugu Negara. This is a funny story. Because, well, despite the fact for all three of us being KL-ites, that was the first time ever we went there. We were like "WOOO!" Because in the many pictures we've seen the monument it look quite tiny and then when we were there...look at the pictures! Our amazement of the place made us chose it for our high school reunion later. But the the best part of that trip was that on the way back...I took the wrong turn and had to go back to KL through DAMANSARA! And, guess what we had for lunch...McD!

It was December when we went on our cuti-cuti Malaysia and so we decided to go to the Eye On Malaysia at Tasik Titiwangsa. We had a good outing that day as you can see in the pictures the weather was just beautiful. Plus we went with my good friend, Xema, who is like the mother of all mothers of cam whore. She was a good photographer and she has the eyes of a creative director, sumpah. After that we went to Kenny Rogers where I got into a fight with the rude waitress there. Serious, my friends were like, "Okay better not say a word to Syaz now."

We also went to the Islamic Science Convention thingy at KLCC - Kuala Lumpur Convention Center. And to those who know me know how I am when surrounded with many many things not seen in my every day life. I did lots of stupid things there that I think only my girls appreciate my antics...

Those two pictures were of us going to KLCC and then later to the place near Ampang I talked about long ago where there were many monkeys! That was our last trip and after that something I really regret happened... But no worries, we're continuing our cuti-cuti Malaysia now! I guess as long as we're living here on this soil proudly called as Malaysia, we'll never stop discovering new things :)



Dear Bubble,

It's been a long time since I wrote to you. Don't get me wrong, I'm not being 'sombong' or anything. I just thought I have nothing more to say to you.

But today Sofiya said something that made me realize another thing. I think after all this time it's starting to make sense why you're acting the way you do. I guess you did not choose to do so but I kind of made you that way. Sofiya has been telling me over and over that it was me who pushed you away when you wanted to talk to me. It was me who signed out of MSN when you signed in. It was me who replied you texts three hours late when you asked me how's class. It was me who ruined whatever we had back then.

For that, I want to apologize. From the bottom of my heart, I apologize to you dear bubble.

During this month of Ramadhan, I actually took the time the other day to read back my posts one year back when I wrote mostly about you. Because you were my companion back then. You were my rock when I wanted to cry (even if it's over you). You were the one who wanted - WANTED - to eat sahur with me. You were to one who texted me every day without fail, "haha...selamat berbuke" with your famous way of ending it without a period. You were my friend and I failed to recognize that.

It all started when I found my current boyfriend. I thought, no, I don't need nobody else. How wrong was I. Of course he is everything to me, my boyfriend and my best friend. But truth be told he's different and you're different bubble. This may be selfish but I do want both of you in my life. But I guess I'm too late now... I saw you the other day and it brought back mix emotions. I was happy that you found new friends. I was a bit jealous because it used to be me who sat in front of you. I was glad that it wasn't me you would be hurting the next day. But most of all, I was disappointed when you rushed off after seeing me.

Dear bubble, forgive me for being an a$$. If I can go back in time, I want to be there every time you nudged me on that silly window we developed our friendship.


Monday, September 22, 2008

Teacher's Pet

Last week I felt like the dumbest teacher's pet.
Why dumb?
Because I was feeling very high.
Why teacher's pet?
Because of the nice lecturers I have here.

But now I feel like the dumbest teacher's pet.
Why dumb?
Because I jumped to conclusion.
Why teacher's pet?
Because...well, maybe He can explain it if you guys ask.

Funny, don't you think?
Maybe I should stick to where I belong.

As the proud underdog.


Friday, September 12, 2008

The heirs of Malacca

The other day in Malaysian Studies we learned (again) about the Sultanate of Malacca. Our lecturer talked about the four famous sultans all the way till the last sultan, Sultan Mahmud Syah. And then as we all know through endless hours reading our high school history textbook years ago, Malacca was attacked by the Portuguese.

Therefore, when the empire fell to Portugal in 1511, Sultan Mahmud Syah retreated to Kampar, and died there in 1528. From then on Malacca no longer had a sultan up until today. But then, oh, wait a second, it does not stop there. It appeared that the Sultan left an heir that then went on to rule another great empire on the Peninsula which happens to be the empire of Johor-Riau. And the first sultan of Johor was no one else but Sultan Alauddin Riayat Shah II, the son of the last sultan of Malacca.

Okay, but I'm not here to talk on the history of Malacca or the subsequent Johor-Riau empire. Read on.

But Sultan Mahmud Shah did not just leave behind one son. Instead he left the Malays with TWO princes. And the second prince was named Sultan Muzaffar Syah. If his brother Sultan Alauddin Riayat Syah II went on to establish the Sultanate of Johor, what happened to the next beloved prince? Can Sultan Muzaffar Syah rise to the expectation of his brother? Well, of course he can and he did! After his father's death he was invited to rule Perak and hence became the first sultan of Perak. Unlike Johor, the current sultan of Perak is the descendant of the last Sultan of Malacca.

The moral of the story? Well, it has nothing to do with Malaysia. Hey, this is my blog. Anyway, to tell the truth I've always been attracted to Perakian boys, even though I don't meet many, for one irrational reason: I am 100% Perakian by blood. I had this...'dream' of continuing the 'bloodline'. Sounds very stupid, no? And I just came to realized that my brother is the one who got to live my dream. So I told him (Mr. Bf) about this and he was the one who convinced me that we actually do share the same history. The descendants of the Sultan of Malacca did rule both Perak and Johor respectively. Thus, that makes us Malacca people!



Friday, September 5, 2008

My Worst Regret

I don't believe in regrets. Like they say, live in the present as it is a present. Don't fret about the past or worry about the future. Anyway your past makes you who you are so regretting is kind of like denying yourself. However, I do have one regret in my life. I regret...I regret that I tried dieting early this year. Why oh why did I fall under this shallow pressure...

All my life I was known among my friends as the one who can finish her food earlier than all combine AND finish their food too if they aren't able to do so. If there's a food eating competition at my school I'll be the first name they would suggest to the teacher. If we're eating out I would be the joke of the day for eating everything in front of me that's not green. It's just a known fact that SYAZA EATS.

Then came college. Everybody is so concern over their weight and figure when I don't really give a damn if I don't have the flattest tummy and was quite slim with no figure whatsoever. And I did think then that I won't fall for this one type of peer pressure. I thought, so what if I'm a bit out of shape, I love my body all the same. All that was important to me back then was that I was healthy. I hell can run for 40 minutes without feeling a slight dizziness. But now...Damn!

Really, if there's one thing I can redo in my life it is NOT to diet. When I diet, I ate less and I guess my body adjusted to that. So, if I eat more than my 'diet portion' now I would bloat easily. Back when I used to be the eating hero among my friends my body was able to accept all that food as it is 'normal' to me then. Plus I used to exercise a lot. So it didn't matter that I eat a lot too. I'd burn it all eventually especially during the weekends. But that was when my schedule was quite fixed with school, tuition, then home. Now my classes might end early or late. And then with the late night studying *cough* I'm not that psyched over exercising anymore. Honestly, I'm not really proud of myself now. I'm worse off now on the outside AND inside (physiologically speaking).

So people, now you know what my number one regret is. Good luck on my next True Friends Test!


Monday, September 1, 2008



Semoga kita sama-sama mendapat rahmat dan keampunan-Nya dan semoga ibadah puasa tahun ini diterima oleh Allah swt sebagai ibadah hamba-Nya yang soleh/solehah. Mari kita menghidupkan semula roh Ramadhan kerana sesungguhnya kite dianugerahi rezeki yang tidak terhingga ini untuk bertemu sekali lagi dengan Ramadhan tahun ini. Banyakkan ibadah, kurangkan yang tidak berfaedah... :) Bersama-samalah kita berusaha.