Saturday, August 2, 2008


I've always said this because I believe wholeheartedly in it:

Real friends NEVER leave no matter if they are worlds apart or have not spoken to each other for over a year. REAL FRIENDS come back after those time away from each other and then be just like yesteryear again.

But my question today is this:

What about those people who slowly and artfully leave their friends' side until one day you woke up and wonder what happened to those days of shallow talks about the weather. You won't even realize these people are escaping until they are continents (or maybe STATES) away. Are they still considered as friends as they took the trouble to not hurt your feelings? But the result nonetheless is still the same. What do you call these people? Hmm... If you are reading this, please, just leave. Don't put up an act to eventually hurt me OR my friends.


p/s: just to clarify, even this post is NOT about you Zaim :)


eliza said...

i hope you're okay syazakins :(

Anonymous said...

kanak-kanak pintar kagum kakak syaza mampu bace fikiran die...

(kanak-kanak pintar)

Rassyid said...

ish.. kanak-kanak konon. badan cam bapak org :p

ChEsZa said...

i'm...okay la kot. not doing that great, but just so-so... :]

ye zaim, sblm awk tanye baik sy jwb :p

haha biarla die sayang..