Friday, August 8, 2008

Driving = Independence?

Today I led the way as Pia tailed behind me all the way from INTI because she needed to go to UIAM which is like fifteen minutes away from my house. I admit that it was actually nice driving below 100km/h for once... No, it's not an insult or whatever; I really did enjoy driving slowly and eventually arriving at my house an hour later.

As I was driving, I can see from my rear-view mirror how Pia was holding on the steering wheel with all her life (sorry if I exaggerate Beb!) And I was brought back to memories of when I started to bring my car to INTI a year ago. The first week of orientation my dad did not allow me to bring my cute little Whitey along but allowed me to do so the next week and he was there next to me as I drove (he then went home with my mom and bro with the CRV.) And then came Friday and my dad was waiting for me outside INTI on his motorbike to 'teman' me as I drove back all the way from Nilai to KL alone in the car. It was quite funny seeing a supposedly fast super bike following behind a slow Kancil on the highway. And then near UPM I lost my dad and had to drive back all alone. I remember how independent I felt (to quote Pia) Now imagine how I felt the NEXT week when I had to drive back without ANYONE, be it in the car or on a bike. Point is, I drove for an hour all alone.

It is true what Pia said. People like me take for granted this independence my parents grant me with. Now a year later I don't even think when I'm driving... seriously! It's all automatic now; which lane to be on, which exit to take. Leading Pia back just now reminded me that not everyone has the opportunity like I do to go back at whatever time I want and not having to wait in line or having to buy tickets or even having to wait for someone to come pick me up. For that, I thank you, PAPA and IBU for trusting me even though I know how you guys worry EVERY TIME I'm on the road. Thank you.

This post is in conjunction with my 'P' license expiring in three weeks time :)



Rassyid said...

My parents never worried about me because they kno their son will never drive without his legal license. But, I so wanna have my own experience driving back to my beloved Johor with my beloved one beside me :p

diana said...

look at me.

i am still not allowed to drive even tho it's been four months since jpj says i can!!!


eliza said...

look at me.

i don't even have a licence.


diana said...

that's because eliza is a loser.

eliza said...

that's because diana's too lame to begin with.

ChEsZa said...

to rassyid, ye2, silekan berusaha untuk mendapat lesen anda cuti ni. see, diana pun dh ade lesen.

to the two of u, i'm just glad there's no mentioning of anyone's thong this time.

beb mentoot said...



tp xpe. i accept it :)