Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Alhamdulillah, God has been his Ar-Rahman self, The All Beneficent, The Most Merciful, The Compassionate, and The Most Gracious with me ever since the first day I stepped foot on INTI's ground. He has not given up on me after all these years of success and has continued to award me with many many things to be grateful for from the time of my first semester here. And He has not disappoint me this time either.

However, I just wish that one day I'll be able to outdo myself :) Now THAT would be a celebration. Till then, I know God has the best plan laid out for me right now. So go Chesza and all my friends!


p/s: I have to be honest that at first I did not plan to write an oh-so-cheery entry like I did. I've seen the pattern of INTI people seldom congratulating one another maybe out of competitiveness. They seem to only care of how they beat one another. But oh well, congratulations to everyone anyway! Believe me, you deserve what you get :)


Anonymous said...

syaza four flat kah?hahaha congratz....

(kanak2 pintar yg comel)

eliza said...

syaza je yg conspicuously tidak online pada malam results were released.

kalau tidak the happy people semua online.


ChEsZa said...

haha saya menemani en boyfriend saya :) jgn mare ye elly comel busuk...