Friday, July 4, 2008

Three Days After A Year

Today’s the 4th of July. A year ago I met someone on this day that started my ‘college experiences’ and it wasn’t the start of the end.

Three days earlier last year on 1st of July 2007, I came here with hopes and dreams. With ambitions and sky-high desires. I wanted these and I wanted those. I lost some but I achieved more. I had academic ambitions which I’m not actually living right now. But it is okay since God has the best plan laid out for me. I met people - friends - that are moving in their own directions now. I can’t really blame them 'cause I’m doing the same thing too. So how’s my first year in college?


Are those three words good or bad? I don’t know. All I know is that it has been my life for one whole year. I can’t rewrite it anymore. Therefore, to my roommate and neighbors, thanks for being crazy and loud with me. To my two favorite 2nd-floor-ers, love you babes so much. To our old Palma gang, I hope we can hangout again someday before you people forget how we first met. To my favorite KL-ite, thank you for the fun and the heartaches; you were once my inspiration. But especially to my love, thank you so much for your sincerity, for not playing with my heart, for listening to my sorrows and all my b-sh**, and thank you also for accompanying me to meet my parents. You mean the world to me.



Rassyid said...

U r more mature than u ever think honey...

I kno u will never regret ur past. It made u stronger =)

diana said...

i was expecting a longer one year post but i guess this would suffice. i could only wish that i have no regrets from the past year, but at least i am at peace with where i am now. syaza, it has been a great experience knowing u and the rest. u guys make staying here a lot easier (and tougher too, at times, hahah). :) <333333333

Rassyid said...

"I met someone on this day that started my ‘college experience’..."
Who was that person ek? Xmo share dgn saye ke? =p

ChEsZa said...

thx sayang :) that's why i need someone like u; to lie to me over and over of how strong i am :p

i thought of writing a longer one too diana but then i stopped myself. i realized that if i were to talk about the past year, u know what - or WHO exactly - i'm going to ramble on. honestly, that was ALL of the past year for me. but hey, "i'm soooo over itttttt!" :p

Rassyid said...

Welcome honey :)