Monday, July 14, 2008

My Teenage Dreams

I was in the morning session for three years during high school. Every morning my father would send me to school around 7am. It would be dark. Well, not so dark maybe but on a normal day these days I would not even dream of waking up till the sun is as high as my head. It still amazes me how I was able to stay awake back then. I guess it was the company? Anyway I remember my feeling EVERY DAY for that three years as the clock struck 10am. It would be a few minutes before recess but that's not the reason. I remember perfectly my feelings because that would be when I would day dream of driving my dream car down KL...

I've always wanted to do that because back then the idea of me driving was just...marvelous :p Plus you people know how much I love the sun so that's why 10am would be the perfect time besides being the best time to absorb sun light to generate vitamin D. And about KL...should I explain more?

As I was driving my way to INTI last Monday I was thinking just of this. I'm finally living my dream (minus the dream car). But I'm not really. Actually there's more to this wish of mine besides just rolling down the highway. Instead I wish I would be able to drive with no final destination as I enjoy the scenery of KL. So far, I've only been able to do that during the short period after the SPM examination with my girlfriends. We would get out of the house at 10 and then we would laugh, laugh, and laugh as they trust me to take them wherever I wanted to as we enjoyed the lack of cars on the road and the sun on our skin with our sunglasses on. KL may not be Los Angeles but I tell you, it is still perfect.

Right now, it's been a while since I am able to live that dream of mine. I guess until I grow old this will still be my dream because I realize that as I grow older I will have more responsibility. Now college, next work. When will I be able to drive down KL at 10 in the morning again? During weekends? No way. That's when KL-ites would be moving north, south, and everywhere in between.

So the question is will I be able to re-live this dream of mine? I think it is called a DREAM because that's what it will stay as for a very long period of time...


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