Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Who's To Judge

Everybody with a mind, a body, and a soul is deserving of the utmost respect by their fellow humans. You may call me crazy in thinking so but who are you, another one of my species, to judge who's deserving of human rights and who don't? Don't you know that the court of law is there for a purpose which is to serve justice (regardless if they are able to serve this purpose fairly or not)? It is true that judges are also humans who may have their own interest behind a judgement. Then, if a judge who is able to hear both sides of a case is still doubted then explain to me the justification of a non-elected authority throwing away certain people into detention without prior investigation.

Suspecting someone is not enough because you might throw in the wrong person. The best way do so then? THROUGH THE COURT OF LAW. Whoever is deemed as 'dangerous' to society is also human. Okay, some may say they are inhuman if they are found guilty of...inhumane actions. But they do have the right to defend themselves in front of a judge because THERE ARE ALWAYS TWO SIDES TO A STORY. You denying to listen to one side is called ignorance. Even if someone supposedly poses a threat to the country you cannot charge a person on an act he has not done yet (or may not do).

Not to mention as Muslims we are also well aware that even the All Forgiving will not punish you if you just have a 'niat' to do wrong. In fact, in order to sentence a wrong-doer in Islam there need to be sufficient evidences and 'saksi' before a judge can take away the innocence of a suspected person. Even if you only have one witness it is not enough in a serious case because one person may have their own bargain in it. See how fair, just, and beautiful Islam is and some still call it a 'barbaric religion'.

So who are you as a human wanting to easily throw away your fellow humans in a detention camp??? Terrorist or no, criminal or no, humans are humans. Unfortunately for us, in this world there are only humans to judge humans and there is no other higher Being until we reach the Afterlife. Till then, trust me, the best way is to go through the judiciary system. And you who believe in democracy should not believe in this one form of dictatorship. Those who deny someone the right to meet their loved ones (unless proven guilty through a just trial) are inhumane themselves. You want to judge now who deserves to be thrown in detention?


p/s: realize how many times I use the word 'human'? Well it's to emphasize that HUMANS need to be judged fairly because none will ever be above the other.


diana said...

I would like to take this opportunity to extend an invitation for you to join the 2nd KLIMUN, organized by INTI United Nations club. We would greatly appreciate it if you are willing to represent Malaysia as a human rights delegate.

Further inquiries, please contact me at the room next door.

Diana (a very much enthusiastic, desperate, and exhausted committee member)


ChEsZa said...


u ni nape? haha.