Saturday, July 26, 2008

BATMAN: The Dark Knight

I was once faced with this interesting inquiry. "Why do people, especially girls, like BATMAN so much?"

The answer: Because he has the COOLEST automobile in Gotham City yet he never boasts about it. Interesting answer, don't you think?



Rassyid said...

Why do guys like him then? Hehehe...

Rassyid said...

I dun even have a bicycle. Huhu... :(

eliza said...


diana said...

but but but, i like batman because christian bale is hot.

he's a hero i don't deserve, but he's one that i need. ahh~

ps: rassyid, i don't even know how to ride a bicycle. heheheh.

ChEsZa said...

Rassyid: Guys like him? Because those guys envy his cool automobile :p aloloh, xpe, xde bicycle, i drive utk u. :p

Elly: Ye ye, bangga awk ye.

Diana: Ehh, itu Christian Bale, not Batman, xleh xleh. So, nk blaja naik basikal?