Friday, June 20, 2008


It has been a while since I met up with the babes. The last time I saw Shila, Adilah was away. So, because next week Adilah is going to continue her studies in Medic in UiTM (ko komplot ape ngan sil???),she forced all of us to meet up this weekend. Therefore, right after having dinner with my family Shila and Adilah came and picked me up without having any real plan. Shish. We just drove around and later I called Iqa about three thousand times before she finally picked up her phone. We turned back and picked her up and then went straight to Wangsa Maju to look around for one of the many possible new cafes for us to hang out. I don't mind going to NZ but Shila and Adilah wanted to go somewhere else so don't care la. We finally decided on this new cafe, Sip & Taste.

Since Iqa and I had eaten already we just ordered drinks while the other two went on with their dinner. We ate and talked (very quietly I have to say...ha.ha.) There were only three tables taken so we kind of maximize the place's usage by laughing our hearts out. Shila as always, couldn't finish her food so she suap me fork after fork of some kind of stuffed something without even waiting for me to finish chewing!

After dinner we asked for ice cream for dessert :) The abang who served us was really cool. He was nice to us. We didn't feel like he was flirting or whatever; he just made us feel really 'accepted' even if we know we were making LOTS of noise and staying after closing hour. He helped us took photos and even asked us to come again tomorrow night for their special EURO2008 promo. But I'm afraid we can't make it as all of us except Adilah have one thing or another to do.

Conclusion...after a year apart I can't believe how far we've came in our journey to achieve our dreams. How we've changed. How we can still laugh without having a care in the world if the other customers think we're the 'noisy Malays who just want to look cool'. Or maybe...just maybe...nobody think of us that way. As Dr. Borges says, "Don't care about what people think because they don't". Ahh, life with the girls, how I feel recharged again and again after each meeting. I'm like a DRAM (Dynamic RAM) that needs to be recharged frequently. (I just added that last bit to annoy ALL of us CSC students.)


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Adilah said...

since i promised...

i guess this is the post that u wanted me to comment on kan? since i'm going to go to uitm and i know ur going to miss me, so i'm going to write a long one. haha. saje je menghabiskan masa kamu untuk membaca =D

1. it wasn't me who forced all of us to go out that weekend. it was u. haha.
2. kitorang tak komplot la weiii. dah nasib. jangan dengki =D
3. shila ate chicken stuffed with cheese, sausage, mushroom and something else.
4. the ice cream sangat sejuk.
5. yes, that abang was cool =)
6. we didn't stay until after closing hour. the closing hour was 5am that nite.
7. i wasn't the only one who didn't have a plan for the next night. u didn't have any too. ur plan was only for the day. lalalala =D
8. sayang u guys! =)

... so, bila kita nak hangout lagi? =D=D=D