Thursday, June 5, 2008


Yesterday Diana and I went to the photography training by the photography club members and learned some cool new things (for me at least, Diana seemed a bit bored :p) After an hour of theory talk we went around INTI for another hour taking random photographs. Diana found her 'calling' which is LINES. You'll see later what I figured as MY calling.

My two collection of Lines.

Just found a new trick :p

I dunno why but I like this one too.

I think I've figured my calling: People in action. Love it.

A person? :p


diana said...

actually i've known since forever that i have a thing for lines. ahaha bosan sikit cos i already know some of the stuff they mentioned. oh last time i used to <3333 snapping candid shots/ppl in action too, during those days back then when i was hodoh and gelap dan hanya menggunakan kamera filem...

eliza said...

i see zainal made the cut too :)

see you in college!

Rassyid said...

Diana + Zainal = Model yang luarbiase

Hehee... =p

ChEsZa said...

diana r u trying to say i only take their pics becoz i'm hodoh n gelap?

n smells, zainal n u r both good models.

rassyid, sebok.

diana said...

oi, begitu pula. what i'm saying is.. people and preferences change... hahaha here i go again.