Sunday, June 1, 2008


Yesterday, my cousin and I had our own little karaoke session. Well, mostly Kak Yong’s karaoke session. She was singing a few of KRU’s songs and one of them caught my attention. See, KRU is one of the few Malaysian artistes that I respect because they’re, well, artistes. Anyway, the song that she was singing her heart out together with the rapping part is Fanatik. Yup, with a ‘k’ because it’s in Malay. Fanatik is mainly about how they find their world – the entertainment world – full with fanatics trying to make a name of themselves through any means possible. I know I’m not in that world but I still find that I can apply that song to my own weird little world. Two lines from that song caught my attention:

“Na na na na na…ku tak perlu gusar,
Na na na na na…diam itu pintar.”

And I have to agree with them one hundred percent! I have to because look at where KRU is now. They are not a one hit wonder nor have they ceased from their business. In fact, they are one of the few masterminds in the music industry that we have in this country today.

Diam itu pintar (Keeping silent is smart.) Their point is that, you don’t have to succumb and be a slave to today’s demand. You don’t have to make a noise just to be noticed. You don’t have to be a fanatic in everything you do. That’s basically the message. Do everything in moderation but do it smartly. Do what you CAN do with your best effort. The sad thing in my world is that I can hear people talking everyday but when I try to listen I can’t get a single point out of it. Today’s students, regardless if they’re in high school or college, are making a lot of noise for the sake of getting good grades from lecturers. For me, that’s even funnier. Lecturers and grades. Lecturers: the least time we’ll spend with them is one semester and the most is probably four whole years. Grades: I bet five years from now nobody’s going to ask me, “How did you do in your third semester of college?”

Basically, for me, I’m not saying you should stay mute. What I’m trying to say is, sometimes NOT making a noise is actually better. Sometimes being silent IS a smarter choice. And maybe, just maybe, students don’t have to be a fanatic in their very small world. I’ve seen the reserved ones being smarter than others more than once already. Hey, think about it, the underdog always wins in movies.



Rassyid said...
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Rassyid said...

nice post. mature and interesting... erm... i xtau lak kakyong minat kru. i thot die minat aishah or nora ke =p

ChEsZa said...

amboi amboi, u nasib baik die xleh bc comment u sbb die ade kursus, kalau x...siap u. :p