Monday, June 9, 2008

Cubicle Number 2

The other day I had quite a long chat with Diana at our BISTRO PALMA. We had our long talk on mostly Diana's philosophy and view on life. So, one of the things that came up was about our favorite cubicle in the toilet. I happened to ask her why she like her cubicle number four and we went into this whole metaphorical discussion. Well, I think I know my answer of why I like my cubicle...Cubicle Number Two.

I think this whole thing about my favorite cubicle kind of reflects me and my choices. I like to be up front, but not exactly the first in line (hence my decision to yawn then to answer). I like to make my way up, but I don't like the responsibilities of being up. I don't mind being noticed, but I don't like feeling vulnerable to the crowd. So that's why I don't usually go to cubicle number 1. Somehow I feel vulnerable that when people walk into the washroom the first thing they'll notice is who's in number 1. I don't like that. I like to be an afterthought. You know how people love to describe the taste of the chocolate only when it melts in your mouth? Yup, I like to be that chocolate.

Once in a while I would also go to the last cubicle. Why? That's when I need my space without being noticed that I need my space. When I go to the last cubicle it's either because the rest are occupied or because I just want to run away from the world for a while. When I go to the last cubicle that's when my tears are mixed with the hot water.

See how Diana and I can come up with crazee unique ideas? Haha. But I think it's true that your choices and preferences in life are there for a reason. If we learned in Anthropology class yesterday that preferences may arrive because of the survival instincts of our great-great-great-great-great-grandfather, I also believe that every choice we make now is also because of some 'unknown' reasons that would help us move more gracefully through life.


p/s: yeah by the way I can’t use my laptop for two weeks therefore forgive me if I'm not online often. Thank you.

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Rassyid said...

Can anyone tell me which cubicle is suitable for me? Number 2 sounds nice to me i think =p