Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Photography Pt 2


More Pictures!

As Diana always complained, the dilemma of being a good photographer is that we keep on taking good pictures of others but it's hard to have good pictures of ourselves. Therefore, pa, ampunkan gambar-gambar burok ni :(



As I’ve mentioned before, my laptop just came back from the ‘workshop’ because there was a problem with its motherboard. (Congratulations to CSC students who understand! Read: Pia) And also ‘some’ of you may notice that I’ve also changed my cell to a black Nokia. My point is nothing except to say…how ‘polite’ I am (inside joke.)

These two things are considered two of my things-chesza-need-to-survive together with my car and guitar. And together with my car, I have no idea how much I’ve spent REPAIRING them, not upgrading them. I think if I save all those spent money I could have bought two new phones, one hot pink Dell laptop, and add blue lights under my car. But then…

All of these happened because I LOVE my cell, laptop, and car so much that I overuse it. I know it sounds ridiculous and as if I am trying to justify myself but it’s the truth! (Smell the desperation…) But I think when I like something so much I would bang it, throw it, hug it, sleep with it, hang it with me, maximize it, and hurt it. Sounds crazy? It is. People say if you love something try to take care of it. I try to! But I just figured if I really love something I would show my appreciation by ‘proving’ to these devices that I use them because I can’t live without them.

Same as my family, I can’t live without them. That’s why I make full use of them (read: financially) and also to those around me. I need to send it to repair again and again because that’s what happened when you stay around me for way too long.


Saturday, June 21, 2008


Let these pictures speak for themselves and you'll know how happy I am right now :)



Friday, June 20, 2008


It has been a while since I met up with the babes. The last time I saw Shila, Adilah was away. So, because next week Adilah is going to continue her studies in Medic in UiTM (ko komplot ape ngan sil???),she forced all of us to meet up this weekend. Therefore, right after having dinner with my family Shila and Adilah came and picked me up without having any real plan. Shish. We just drove around and later I called Iqa about three thousand times before she finally picked up her phone. We turned back and picked her up and then went straight to Wangsa Maju to look around for one of the many possible new cafes for us to hang out. I don't mind going to NZ but Shila and Adilah wanted to go somewhere else so don't care la. We finally decided on this new cafe, Sip & Taste.

Since Iqa and I had eaten already we just ordered drinks while the other two went on with their dinner. We ate and talked (very quietly I have to say...ha.ha.) There were only three tables taken so we kind of maximize the place's usage by laughing our hearts out. Shila as always, couldn't finish her food so she suap me fork after fork of some kind of stuffed something without even waiting for me to finish chewing!

After dinner we asked for ice cream for dessert :) The abang who served us was really cool. He was nice to us. We didn't feel like he was flirting or whatever; he just made us feel really 'accepted' even if we know we were making LOTS of noise and staying after closing hour. He helped us took photos and even asked us to come again tomorrow night for their special EURO2008 promo. But I'm afraid we can't make it as all of us except Adilah have one thing or another to do.

Conclusion...after a year apart I can't believe how far we've came in our journey to achieve our dreams. How we've changed. How we can still laugh without having a care in the world if the other customers think we're the 'noisy Malays who just want to look cool'. Or maybe...just maybe...nobody think of us that way. As Dr. Borges says, "Don't care about what people think because they don't". Ahh, life with the girls, how I feel recharged again and again after each meeting. I'm like a DRAM (Dynamic RAM) that needs to be recharged frequently. (I just added that last bit to annoy ALL of us CSC students.)


Thursday, June 12, 2008


Today's my lucky day! My mummy finally allows me to have a pet! Yay! I’ve wanted to have one for a very long time. However, I didn't know that the task of choosing a pet isn’t as easy as it seems. It not only takes your blood, sweat, and tears away but also a whole bunch of headache and tummy ache and all other aches there is for me to just find my own sweet pet. Ah but now, the freedom to finally be able to pick one after years of going to one pet house to another is simply alluring.

...And there it is! I’ve found the one that I want! It’s not a kitten nor is it a puppy. It’s not a duck or even a mighty tiger. As my pet, I anteater! Oh my, the beauty of that anteater in front of my eyes. It’s round and lovely, almost defenseless like a rabbit. Yet it has a tough skin that I can be sure I don’t need to be there to tend for it 24/7. Aah, the perfect pet for the imperfect me who always needs a companion.

Oh but wait! I forgot one minor technical problem when I brought my anteater home. My anteater is actually shy! It always rolled its body when I’m near. Oh why do you do that?! I thought you’d be my perfect companion but now you’re embarrassed of yourself. Why???

Yes, my old cats were very confident of themselves. Yes, they made me search for them day in and day out. They did that as if they don’t need me but the truth is they do come back to me for food and shelter. You think I like that? They were too cocky for my liking. But I like you my anteater... You’re soft and tough at the same time. You’re sweet and nice too. All I can say is you’re as unique a pet as I can get and none can be better than you are. But why is it too hard for you to accept that?



Please… I’m begging you… I would never ever hurt you just for being an anteater… Open up to me please because I know you want to…


Monday, June 9, 2008

Cubicle Number 2

The other day I had quite a long chat with Diana at our BISTRO PALMA. We had our long talk on mostly Diana's philosophy and view on life. So, one of the things that came up was about our favorite cubicle in the toilet. I happened to ask her why she like her cubicle number four and we went into this whole metaphorical discussion. Well, I think I know my answer of why I like my cubicle...Cubicle Number Two.

I think this whole thing about my favorite cubicle kind of reflects me and my choices. I like to be up front, but not exactly the first in line (hence my decision to yawn then to answer). I like to make my way up, but I don't like the responsibilities of being up. I don't mind being noticed, but I don't like feeling vulnerable to the crowd. So that's why I don't usually go to cubicle number 1. Somehow I feel vulnerable that when people walk into the washroom the first thing they'll notice is who's in number 1. I don't like that. I like to be an afterthought. You know how people love to describe the taste of the chocolate only when it melts in your mouth? Yup, I like to be that chocolate.

Once in a while I would also go to the last cubicle. Why? That's when I need my space without being noticed that I need my space. When I go to the last cubicle it's either because the rest are occupied or because I just want to run away from the world for a while. When I go to the last cubicle that's when my tears are mixed with the hot water.

See how Diana and I can come up with crazee unique ideas? Haha. But I think it's true that your choices and preferences in life are there for a reason. If we learned in Anthropology class yesterday that preferences may arrive because of the survival instincts of our great-great-great-great-great-grandfather, I also believe that every choice we make now is also because of some 'unknown' reasons that would help us move more gracefully through life.


p/s: yeah by the way I can’t use my laptop for two weeks therefore forgive me if I'm not online often. Thank you.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Yesterday Diana and I went to the photography training by the photography club members and learned some cool new things (for me at least, Diana seemed a bit bored :p) After an hour of theory talk we went around INTI for another hour taking random photographs. Diana found her 'calling' which is LINES. You'll see later what I figured as MY calling.

My two collection of Lines.

Just found a new trick :p

I dunno why but I like this one too.

I think I've figured my calling: People in action. Love it.

A person? :p

Sunday, June 1, 2008


Yesterday, my cousin and I had our own little karaoke session. Well, mostly Kak Yong’s karaoke session. She was singing a few of KRU’s songs and one of them caught my attention. See, KRU is one of the few Malaysian artistes that I respect because they’re, well, artistes. Anyway, the song that she was singing her heart out together with the rapping part is Fanatik. Yup, with a ‘k’ because it’s in Malay. Fanatik is mainly about how they find their world – the entertainment world – full with fanatics trying to make a name of themselves through any means possible. I know I’m not in that world but I still find that I can apply that song to my own weird little world. Two lines from that song caught my attention:

“Na na na na na…ku tak perlu gusar,
Na na na na na…diam itu pintar.”

And I have to agree with them one hundred percent! I have to because look at where KRU is now. They are not a one hit wonder nor have they ceased from their business. In fact, they are one of the few masterminds in the music industry that we have in this country today.

Diam itu pintar (Keeping silent is smart.) Their point is that, you don’t have to succumb and be a slave to today’s demand. You don’t have to make a noise just to be noticed. You don’t have to be a fanatic in everything you do. That’s basically the message. Do everything in moderation but do it smartly. Do what you CAN do with your best effort. The sad thing in my world is that I can hear people talking everyday but when I try to listen I can’t get a single point out of it. Today’s students, regardless if they’re in high school or college, are making a lot of noise for the sake of getting good grades from lecturers. For me, that’s even funnier. Lecturers and grades. Lecturers: the least time we’ll spend with them is one semester and the most is probably four whole years. Grades: I bet five years from now nobody’s going to ask me, “How did you do in your third semester of college?”

Basically, for me, I’m not saying you should stay mute. What I’m trying to say is, sometimes NOT making a noise is actually better. Sometimes being silent IS a smarter choice. And maybe, just maybe, students don’t have to be a fanatic in their very small world. I’ve seen the reserved ones being smarter than others more than once already. Hey, think about it, the underdog always wins in movies.