Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Respect V2.0

There are three pictures, three faces, three personalities. But all three have one thing in common that made me who I am today. My mum, Fayyadhah, and Asilah are the ONLY three people in my life that when they give me advices I’m DEFINITELY sure it is sincere.

Want to guess why? Because…*drum rolls* THEY DO IT WITH RESPECT. They never once down talk me. They never once down talk what I’m doing nor do they down talk the people around me. If I want to use my logical sense, they are the ONLY people that even if they down talk me it’s for sure for my own good. BUT THEY DON’T. Because they know, and I know, that when you disrespect a person that person won’t even DREAM of respecting you or your opinions. As simple as that. What these people usually do is, they would talk to me the advantages and disadvantages of my choices and my doings. They would help me map out the choices that I have. But at the end of the day they’ll support me in whatever I do. Because…*another drum rolls* THAT’S WHAT FRIENDS DO. Friends support each other. It doesn’t mean if I decided to jump off a bridge you say, “Go on, I’ll support you.” It also doesn’t mean you have the RIGHT to say, “Stupid ah you? You think that’s going to help you ah?” First of all, saying stupid is stupid in its own way. Second of all, you think you’re so good? What a friend does is say, “What is your real problem? Perhaps I can help you with it?”

Ok fine, sometimes Fayyadhah can be a bit harsh. But she’s the ONLY person in this world that can say that to me and I’m happy to hear every word of it. Why? Because she had known me for ten years and that’s proof enough she won’t go behind my back anytime soon.

I think this world is very weird. When I sat far from my boyfriend in class people say better for us to not be in the same class. When I do, they say they’re sick of seeing us together. When I only see him once a week they say we’re not like a couple and would give me this stupid eyebrow look. But when I see him mostly for meals that others don’t want to go to and study dates because he has no one else to study the same subject with they say I’m spending too much time with him. But you want to know the OTHER weird thing? When some of my other friends can’t stand a second without getting a text message from their beloved ones it’s quite normal. Now people, together with me… LAUGH.


p/s: I just realized that I can't please everyone. And frankly, I don't CARE anymore. Remember my new semester resolution? I'm just not interested in playing nice anymore.

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