Thursday, May 1, 2008

Physics :)

Physics... Physics... My dear Mr. Physics :)

How I have a love-hate relationship with you Mr. Physics. I was so scared at first with the idea of you. But I told myself, "It is going to be okay." Although you were not my best even during my high school years, you have always been my favorite. I love mathematics and I love learning how the physical world operate. Maybe I should have went with Mr. Biology that I'm certainly okay at. Or even Mr. Chemistry because it is the easiest of the three brothers. But instead I decided to push myself and not just stay within my comfort zone. Hey, life is about learning and I want to learn things that are not quite out of my reach but that will definitely require me to do extra work. And you taught me a lot Mr. Physics. Not to mention I love my classmates although they can be a bit naughty at times. I love lab because that's when I can be around Him for two hours in a not-so-rigid environment of a classroom. And I definitely love Mr. Toh who was patient with us and made physics fun both at times when I more than want to sleep in the morning and after lunch on Tuesday. But then after all the sweat, you, Mr Physics are the b*****d that bring my GPA down this time. Eh2, I take that back. It is not you but it was me who could not grasp all twenty chapters in a matter of fifteen weeks. It's okay though. I am really glad you came into my life. You're cool Mr. Physics. Don't worry, I won't turn my back neither on the physical world nor on science. You made my second semester colorful and not to mention my grades more colorful too this time around...kidding! :D


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